6 Modern Homes on Wheels

6 Modern Homes on Wheels

By Michele Koh Morollo
If you have a nomadic streak and like waking up in a different place every few months, weeks, or even days, then a home on wheels is something you could easily take to.

From towable holiday caravans in wildlife parks to chic trailer and airstream homes, these mobile accommodations are perfect for free spirits looking for good design and comfort while on the move.

Stay at a Mobile Caravan-Hut in Bavaria

Clad in gray wood, HYT is a mobile home in a Bavarian forest that’s available for holiday rentals. Resembling a hut from the outside, this mobile guesthouse, which is equipped with a mini kitchen, bathroom, and wood stove, has 12 sleeping spaces, and can be towed to just the spot you like by a tractor. The unit is available for approximately $116 for two people per night from Urlaubsarchitektur.

Designing a series of foldaway furniture, Japanese architect Toshihiko Suzuki transformed a standard trailer into a home with a hidden kitchen and a dining table for six (that doubles as a bed at night).

Nicknamed "Woody," this 236-square-foot trailer has taken a young, upwardly-mobile couple from Austin, Texas, to the Rocky Mountains hamlet of Marble, Colorado. Built at a cost of just around $50,000, the trailer was fitted with modern birch-veneer plywood and skylights, and has a half-size refrigerator, eight-inch-deep storage compartments built into the floor, a loft bed, and even a galvanized-steel cow trough bathtub.

Frankfurt hospitality group Lindenberg has created a hotel room in a 1981 Mercedes camper. It's a great way to explore as much of the German countryside as you can, and a smart choice for those who want escape the crowds.

Built with modernist industrial techniques, this tiny, 44-square-foot, teardrop-shaped hybrid prefab trailer has a boat-like shell that was built with a lightweight frame enclosed with taut fabric and sheets of Jobert Okume marine plywood.

Kate Oliver and partner Ellen Prasse turned a 1976 Sovereign Airstream RV into a bright and cozy home, and used it on their six-month adventure to places like Alaska and the Yukon Territory. They loved mobile living so much that they now operate their own RV renovation business—The Modern Caravan.


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