As Dwell's digital edition production manager, Leah King manages the creation of the digital replica of the magazine and sees it through as it transforms to be viewed on the iPad, Nook and Kindle. Shepherding through images and editorial pages, iconic designers and their designs, architects and their creations, and the photographers who shoot them, gives her a unique opportunity to see to the beauty and style produced in each issue of Dwell. Leah also contributes editorially to In life outside of Dwell, she indulges in her passions for photography, vinyl albums, collecting vintage electronics and calling it like she sees it over at Caught Looking.

Molding the Modern City
Many of us have taken “professional development” courses, if only to keep up with the pre-teens already coding their own social...
Pousse Creative's Pet Houses
Designers Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier have a decidedly modern take on shelters for pets.
Revisioning Camera Lenses
I’ve developed into a true shutterbug, a camera geek who doesn’t leave home without one.
These Walls Can Talk
Congratulations, wallpaper…you no longer look or feel like my grandmother’s living room.