• Rise Projects
    Rise Projects LLC is a full service architecture and design firm founded and led by Karen Frome with a vision for thoughtful materiality and balancing the elegant with the bold. We approach each project as an exploration between our office and the client. We start projects by learning about the inspirations and the expectations for a project, looking at the possibilities and listening to our clients’ needs. Through this attentive approach Rise Projects LLC has built a relationship with clients who frequently return to us for subsequent projects. Our in-house team at Rise culls the expertise of our longstanding consultants to ensure that a project is seamlessly executed. We deftly solve difficult situations and enjoy bringing creative and fresh thinking to to a wide array of challenges.
  • Normal Projects
    Normal Projects/Michael Chen Architecture is an architecture practice producing both built commissioned work and design research. We integrate diverse thinking about architecture, interiors, products, infrastructure, and urbanism to produce work that embodies an enduring fascination with intricacy and the interactions of multiple systems and elements. Our approach is deeply informed by curiosity and a love of tinkering, of drawing, of discourse, and of making. We believe in technology, and make extensive use of specialized digital tools and platforms for design, fabrication, and collaboration. These are key to our practice and inform both new ways of working and exploration into new ways of living with, producing, and thinking about architecture.
  • Surfside Projects
    Sustainable, Healthy Homes... by Design www.surfprojects.com @surfsideprojects
  • Takt Project
    When the founding members of a design collective all hail from the powerhouse firm Nendo, you can expect their work to be both disciplined and prolific. Such is the case with Takt Project, a multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo founded by Atsushi Honda, Yoshitaka Ito, Satoshi Yoshiizumi, and Takeshi Miyazaki. The group works on a wide range of projects, from socially driven endeavors like improving wheelchair design to wristwatches for Sony’s under-the-radar wearable tech start-up. Reinvention is a recurring theme in the studio, as seen in the 3-Pring Product line—3-D printed components that people can use to transform readily available, inexpensive products from retailers like Muji. Riffing on the idea of sampling in music, Takt created a bracket that can be used to join run-of-the-mill acrylic storage bins to build a console, and a unit that allows someone to string an ordinary light socket through an acrylic storage box to create a pendant light. “The words of greats from the past taught me that design is not about the beauty of shapes or styling,” says Yoshiizumi, “but rather adding a creative and novel interpretation to existing ways of thinking.”
  • Schiller Projects
    Design shop based in NY, NY.
  • FR|SCH Projects
    Small Residential Office
  • PARA Project
    PARA Project is an office for architecture based in New York City, directed by principal, Jon Lott. The firm works on projects of varying scales and media: from cultural, institutional, and residential work, to events and international competitions.
  • SABO project
    SABO project is a Brooklyn-based design office investigating the fields of architecture, furniture design, set design, installations and environmental strategies. Through an optimistic sabo(tage) of each project substance, our practice aims to identify unexpected means of contemporary relevance. The office focuses on the design of places where one can act differently and perhaps think differently.
  • Um Project
    Our approach seamlessly bridges the way things are designed and the way they are made, combining cues from industry and craft. To achieve that we reinterpret old archetypes into an honest design and construction language. We reuse traditional techniques and joinery to create strong moments and connections. The result is work with personality, function and purpose. In practice, our pieces provide many expressive “windows” through which the user enters.
  • Weibel Projects
    Weibel Projects Doug Weibel is trained and licensed as an architect (RA-Arizona) and has accumulated extensive experience designing and constructing modern projects for internationally recognized architect-led design-build practices. His combination of design pedigree and on-site construction management skills are the result of an interest in more directly linking design and construction. Weibel Projects Ltd serves his vision of providing high-quality residential products while simplifying the process of building for clients.