• GriD
    "any interconnecting system of links" – world english dictionary there are many definitions of the word grid, but when we decided to name the firm this one was the most resonant. at first it is a link between our two names… Grieb + Dearie = GriD. beyond that it is fundamentally a framework, a construct, a system of links. but we see it in its most broad terms, not simply as a piece of graph paper, or even a cube, but as the realization, an understanding of the connectivity between all things. like neo and morpheus in the matrix we believe the possibility of this connectivity is unlimited if you understand the rules. we understand this involves the fourth dimension of time. connectivity expands and changes by the second. the world wide web is a grid. the universe itself is based on a magical framework of cells and particles. there are strands and orbits and imperceptable connections. even our understanding of this is evolving daily. scientists have been studying particals for centuries and just recently found neutrinos that can exceed the speed of light, changing the face of physics forever. so the creation of this firm, GriD, is a point of departure. simply a single point on this endless web. we are reaching out, or if you like, reaching in to find the connections… for a new beginning each time we begin a project at any scale. we learn from the past, but are open to the future. maybe we're a little like the spider on the web… GriD is a firm dedicated to this interconnectivity. we are eager collaborators with our clients, other design professionals, engineers, artists, scientists… whoever has a similar interest in making the world a better place through making. we care deeply about our profession as architects and value the use of our hands. our work strives to balance the art of design with the craft of building. and our work seeks to be a result of this incredible throbbing network of people, places, and ideas while always focusing on courage and truth, wherever those evasive concepts may be found.
  • Vermont Cabin
    We are Jenny and Allie and we are NYC-based creatives and the owners of The Vermont Cabin. We fell in love with our cabin on a whim of a trip to Vermont and have had the most incredible time transforming it into a peaceful escape.
  • Fun Cabin Rentals
    Spacious four bedroom two bathroom Twain Harte vacation rental cabin in Twain Harte, CA. Free WIFI - Cable TV - Twain Harte Lake member - Near Dodge Ridge Ski Resort Address : 22743 Bret Harte DR, Twain Harte, CA 95383 Phone : 925-963-2857 Website : http://www.funcabinrentals.com/
  • Dwell Prefab
    Since 2005, Joel Turkel and Turkel Design have been Dwell's lead architectural partners in creating prefabricated homes that embody Dwell's vision of modern design. To celebrate the partnership's tenth year, we are pleased to announce a new exclusive collaboration: Dwell Prefab. This group of homes, the Axiom Series, offers a panelized system celebrating bold design, resource conservation, energy efficiency, and a predictable building process. Axiom Series homes start at $250 per square foot and never compromise on design, quality or construction. Bold Design A home should be beautiful to look at and a joy to live in. Each Axiom home reflects intuitively-designed living space and uncompromising attention to detail. Resource Conservation A home should use minimal material and energy to create. Pre-fabrication vastly reduces energy consumption and construction time, and all but eliminates waste. Energy Efficiency A home should consume very little energy. Axiom homes are designed to be exceptionally well insulated and airtight. Their reduced surface area and volume ensures lower lifecycle costs. Predictability A home should be designed and built against predictable benchmarks. Within fixed fee, and systemized design and delivery methods, Axiom homes can be modified, delivered and erected on your site with a high degree of predictability in cost, scheduling, and quality. Next Generation Living A home is a trust in which you place your future. Axiom homes are designed and fabricated to the highest standards of tomorrow. For more information, please contact us at info@turkeldesign.com or (617) 868-1867.
  • Tabitha Ong Tune
    Design, food, good coffee
  • Alarm Grid
    Alarm Grid is a new kind of security company. Offering affordable, high-quality alarm monitoring, state-of-the-art product, and incomparable customer service, Alarm Grid's reputation is unparalleled. Honest, informative, and loved by our customers!
  • OOD
    ÖÖD is a mirror glass cabin which blends into its surroundings!
  • Taylored Architecture
    Taylored Architecture, tayloredarch.com, is an inspired, full service architectural firm specializing in producing unique solutions for your residential and commercial design needs. Our goal is to create beautiful designs that seamlessly integrate into their surroundings with elegance. We tune into each specific site's characteristics, such as light, orientation, views and terrain to develop works of functional beauty.
  • kitHAUS
    kitHAUS revolutionizes the conventional rules of prefab in a way that's as innovative as it is fexible. Our Modernist modules are built solid with a patented lightweight M.H.S. construction system, that gives you several advantages over conventional building practices. Our modules are constructed on site in a matter of days, not months, and because of its lightweight properties can get into the hardest-to-reach places, without heavy equipment. We at kitHAUS have pre-engineered several configurations from modest stand alone single units, perfect for that weekend retreat, backyard office or studio to more aggressive multi unit configurations. We have also partnered with state of the art solar technologies giving you the option of off-grid or grid-tie possibilities, customized to our kitHAUS configurations. Just think of the possibilities, starting now.
  • The Frost House
    1958 prefab home designed by Emil Tessin, with interiors by Knoll & Paul McCobb thefrosthouse.com
  • Connect Homes
    The Next Generation of Housing: Modern Green Affordable Prefab Homes
  • Deltec Homes
    The leader in precision-built, prefab high performance homes. We offer custom and pre-designed homes known for being extremely durable and energy efficient. deltechomes.com

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