• Delta Glass and Splashbacks
    While choosing an administration of glass replacement in Adelaide, ensure you select the best company in that case. We at Delta Glass and Splash Backs are one of the renowned companies for providing best glass repairs. This is the best way to guarantee that your car is getting the street safe substitution it needs. Else you might put yourself at hazard for a street mischance. Moreover, the procedure of windshield substitution for your auto is a confounded one including decisions. Call on 08 8365 3065. More info : http://deltaglassandsplashbacks.com.au
  • Design Inferno Glass
    http://www.designinferno.com.au/ With humble beginnings in a small factory in Kensington, Design Inferno Glass has swiftly reached greater heights over a period of 15years and now renowned as a leader in design & colour of quality glass products. Design Inferno Glass was initiated with the feel and understanding of a creative need for original designs and custom made glass products in diverse areas. This thinking has taken deep root over the years as the underlying value within the company, inspiring the management and staff to seek the best solutions for our clients at all times based on individual requirements. With the expansion of the business, the company moved to a larger factory in Tullamarine in 2007, enhancing the Company’s image of creativity and design through the varied unique products on offer. The 2CP Splashback, Slumped Glass, Hand silvered Slumped Splashback, Quazi Designer Colour Range, & the Silk Effect are a few exclusive products to be named. The outstanding quality, extensive range of choices and customised solutions on offer, has been the core of our company’s much impressed and gratified clients. The year 2012 witnessed yet another milestone of Design Inferno Glass, with the move to an even larger Factory and a refined Showroom and is currently located at 48 Logistics Street, Keilor Park.
  • Pacific Glass Pool Fencing
    Pacific Fencing has a staff of glass pool fencing installers that have been chosen to the the job because of their wealth of experience in industry.
  • Emerald Coast Glass Connect
    Emerald Coast Glass Connect provides a unique selection of vaping accessories you can locate online. We are focused on providing custom local designs all the way up to nationally known vaping devices to help you enjoy your smoking and vaping experience. Visit our site today to see the Emerald Coast difference. Emerald Coast Glass Connect 905 East St Unit D Eureka, CA 95503 (707) 572-6168 https://emeraldcoastglassconnect.com
  • Kimura Glass
    Kimura Glass, Co. has continued to strive to bring you products for daily use and products close to your everyday life. Putting our eyes on the very new and fresh future, we have been trying to create very “ordinary” products that make you satisfied and never get tired. Kimura Glass plans and develops wineglasses and cocktail glasses mainly for business use. In Japan, we produce glassware and KIRIKO Glasses (cut glasses) of our own planning and development, making full use of the skillful technique of Japanese traditional artisans from Shitamachi (working-class neighborhood) Tokyo. Overseas, glassware of our own planning and development are manufactured in the factories in Asia and Europe and selected products of high quality are sent to us for sale.We also secure the technical cooperation of glassware and ceramic wares with several glass companies abroad and import their products. We wholesale glassware, including wineglasses, cocktail glasses, and also tableware, like ceramic ware, porcelain and etc. for Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars.
  • Glass Hill
    Glass Hill was founded in January 2010 to provide clients with thoughtful and appropriate design and creative direction. During the time since they have produced interiors for Woodfinch Rare Books and the Royal College of Art, exhibition design and furniture design for Phillips de Pury and Company, and product design for the ICA London. Amongst other things Glass Hill are currently designing an art gallery interior, a fashion show in New York and bespoke furniture for a chain of restaurants. As well as client led projects Glass Hill are pursuing private research, specifically the Local Hero - a concept that hopes to reinstate a network of small, specific and affordable accommodation for people who travel. Markus and met at the Royal College of Art in 2005 on Ron Arad’s Design Products course. Originally from Sweden, Markus studied at Danish College of Design, Copenhagen, where he was frustrated with the college’s conventional view on consumer products, on graduation in 2003 moving to London via Stockholm. Meanwhile Joe was in High Wycombe, the home of English vernacular furniture, learing how to draw and measure and cut, mostly wood. At the end of his course he moved to London and was Tord Boontje’s first assistant, assisting on projects for luxury brands and fancy people. Slightly dissheartened by his experience of this world Joe went on to work for a refreshingly straight-forward bespoke furniture maker in east London before applying to the RCA MA. As part of his graduation piece from the Royal College Markus set about designing and building a vessel with which to charter the canals of London. The resulting canoe was a challenge in every sense and help as needed both practical and moral. Joe being a year junior and handy with a chisel offered his help. The subsequent month of very late nights, resin sanding and general woodwork, though dissmissed by tutors as being tactical work avoidance, was in fact a valuable lesson in making real things from basic stuff with a bit of reasearch and a lot of hardwork. The London Canoe Project left Regents park on the morning of the 22 of May and reached the Limehouse Basin that evening, and after surviving a night bike locked to a lamp post has become the artifact of the start of an ongoing collaboration that now finds itself, as of January 2010, called Glass Hill and resident in the eponymous street in Southwark.
  • nvision Glass
    Your Signature Glass Shop
  • Seth Parks Glass
    Seth Parks Glass, located in Los Angeles, CA, specializes in designing and creating custom hand-blown art glass lighting and sculptures. A glass blower with almost 10 years of experience, Seth designs and makes all of his work in our Los Angeles studio. His expert quality American-made pieces are unique and collectible works of art that can be found in high-end homes, galleries, and businesses worldwide. Working closely with designers, architects and homeowners, Seth creates functional works of art that match the space for which they are designed. Clients can be involved in every step of the process and are welcome to visit our studio to watch their pieces being created.
  • Eidos Glass
    All work is one-of-a-kind, hand blown glass produced in Brooklyn, NYC. Standing for high-quality, one-of-a-kind production, Eidos (Greek for shape, form, image, concept) Glass is the beneficiary of long term concentration on Venetian technique, purposeful experimentation and successful collaboration. The company raises commercial forms to the level of artistry, taking its inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci – Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.
  • Old Town Glass, Inc.
    We provide you with the best fenestration products the industry has to offer. Our expertise includes industry leading window and door products from the US and Europe to glass floors and railing systems.

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