• One Nordic Furniture Company
    One Nordic Furniture Company was formed in 2012 by CEO Joel Roos. It manufactures furniture and lighting inspired by the Nordic mastery of simplicity, quality, functional excellence, practicality, and original aesthetics.Form Us With Love provides creative direction for the firm. One Nordic makes a varied line of pendant lights, tables, chairs, shelving, and decorative items.
  • Quiet Town
    Thoughtfully designed, ethically sourced, home goods for your bathroom
  • Old Town Glass, Inc.
    We provide you with the best fenestration products the industry has to offer. Our expertise includes industry leading window and door products from the US and Europe to glass floors and railing systems.
  • Guest House
    A home goods store inside a century-old townhouse Denver, CO
  • boom town
    Originaire de Malartic, une ville boomtown située en Abitibi, Eric Joseph TREMBLAY est diplomé de l'école d'architecture de l'Université de Montréal. Il commence sa vie professionnelle chez Scéno Plus (1996 à 2000) où il fait partie de l’équipe de création des salles de spectacles du Cirque du Soleil. En 2001, il est un des membres fondateurs de la coopérative de travail Polygone Studio où il travaille à la communication de projets d'architecture pour de nombreuses firmes d'architectes. Il est inscrit au tableau de l'Ordre des architectes du Québec depuis avril 2009 et dirige l'atelier architecture BOOM TOWN. Pour nous joindre : 5445, rue de Gaspé, bureau 323 Montréal (Québec) H2T 3B2 T. 514.502.2020 eric@boom-town.ca
  • Lisa S. Town
    Lisa S. Town is a photographer based in Seattle and Los Angeles specializing in architecture, fashion, and portrait work. Photography has always been about more than simply capturing a moment as an image. It means a connection, a connection to a story, a connection to emotion, a connection to who we are. This is what I bring to each of our clients — a perspective that taps into more than simply creating a static image. I strive to understand where each client is coming from, and let that guide the creative process. There’s nothing I enjoy more than meeting with clients and listening to their vision, understanding what moves them and speaks to them.