• Walking Chair Design Studio
    a multidisciplinary think tank in the heart of vienna
  • Cherner Chair Company
    The Cherner Chair Company has brought back many of Norman Cherner’s most popular designs. Utilizing his original drawings and specifications, the reissued designs are made in the USA with the same attention to detail found in the original handmade classics. Although best known for his furniture design, Norman Cherner’s work included almost all aspects of design: from graphics, glassware, and lighting, to his pioneering work in prefabricated housing. In addition to reissuing Norman Cherner designs, The Cherner Chair Company also features new designs by Benjamin Cherner.
  • Four Chairs Furniture
    Unique home furnishings and accessories
  • Tammy Vinson
    Director, Marketing at Dwell; Enthralled by bright colors, photography, solid playlists, the outdoors, and midcentury chairs.
  • ilario home
    Home Furniture, Bedroom sets, office Table & chair set, Lighting shop, Garden Furniture,Sofa Set Recliner,sanitary ware stores Hyderabad
  • American Leather
    American Leather is your source for custom luxury furniture. We believe a sofa is more than a sofa, and a chair is more than a chair. We design pieces that are central to your gathering spaces where life and memories happen. From our Dallas, Texas state-of-the-art facility to your home in around 30 days. Visit a featured retailer near you. U.S. Retailers: americanleather.com/featuredretailers Canada Retailers: americanleather.com/cafeaturedretailers
  • The Lounge Master
    Nothing is better at the end of a long day than kicking your feet up in your favorite chair. If you’re in the market for a new comfortable chair, TheLoungeMaster.com is the perfect place for you! We can help you find the best recliner available to make your long days more comfortable. https://theloungemaster.com/
  • ExpoDac
    ExpoDac.com is where I go to tell the world about my home and interior design ideas, dreams and projects. I blog about them, do restoration and even review chairs and other pieces of furniture in the market. Visit and find out more about me here http://www.expodac.com
  • SkB Architects
    We are creative strategists and visual thinkers rooted in the science and art of place-making. We create great people places in public and private realms. We believe all markets, at the core, are often striving for places where community can thrive whether it is experienced on the streets of the urban context, inside private companies, shopping, eating, entertaining, living…or through crafting a product perfectly suited to its user’s needs. Our influencers are the natural environment, the urban context, patterns of commerce, user experience and materiality. Site is important, neighborhood is important, context and regionalism are important….so is the perfect chair. We are in a constant search for new and fresh interpretations of solutions tied to a place and time.
  • Fernweh Woodworking
    Justin is an award winning furniture designer, hailing from Bend, OR, where the closeness of the mountains and forest inspires his creativity and appreciation of woodworking. His passion for creating modern products from hardwood is easily seen from a glance around his studio space: experimental products lying on the workbench, neat vertical stacks of wood labeled by species and quality, and of course, a pile of half-finished lamps, shelves, and planters, and chairs, all waiting for the next step in the process of hand-creation before being shipped out to eager customers. Justin, who is a former Marine Officer and Wildland Firefighter, loves the phase of life he finds himself in, where he works for himself creating his own brand from scratch revolving around his passion of woodworking.
  • Jonothan Weeks
    Jonothan Weeks is the founder and director of Topaz Furniture.With over 25 years experience, you can rest assured that we offer sound advice and high quality products, including: reception furniture, boardroom furniture, meeting and training rooms, desks, workstations and chairs.
  • Physical Therapy
    Neck and back pain from Computer Work The back discomfort might be ignorable at its first stage, but if not handled asap, it might wind up being an extremely major condition. Besides affecting the spinal joints, the long resting hrs also stress your back muscle mass and also stresses them more than they need to be stressed. Protecting against the back discomfort, consequently, indicates safeguarding even more compared to one essential part of your back. Our bodies are likewise made from numerous joints that are meant to keep moving every so often. Sitting at the desk for a very long time implies that you will certainly be protecting against the back joints from frequently doing their feature as well as will certainly instead be subjecting them to as well much pressure. Back pain from computer work starts with such things. It then starts to expand gradually. Neck and back pain has ended up being an usual trouble to several people who have actually been spending many hrs sitting in front of a computer. When you are sitting, it is an issue that results from the pressure offered by the whole top body to your back. To be able to stop the neck and back pain, you need to begin by understanding all its reasons. The causes are as complies with. They just consist of the causes arising from your computer workstation: - screen position - your seating posture - the height of your chair - key-board and also mouse setting. Preventing Back Pain Protecting against the neck and back pain resulting from your computer workstation is necessary. It helps you stay clear of future back issues that might need so a lot from you. In instance there are already existing back problems, you additionally reach stop them from growing. There are some things that you need to constantly do to maintain the health and wellness of your back when at your desk. They are as complies with: 1. Maintain the Right Posture The top part of your hands should remain identical to the back while the reduced arms stretch to the front at a right angle. The arms remainder ought to support your lower arms partly and without interfering with the position. The computer mouse and the key-board should additionally be maintained a close range and also not disrupt your sitting placement. You must remain on your workplace chair in such a setting that your shoulders and also bottom stays in call with the chair's backrest. Your legs must be strongly laid on a foot rest and also the ground can be utilized in case it is needed. Your thighs require to stick positioned as if they are either somewhat sloping down or relaxing at a right angle to your uprightly positioned body. 2. Placement the Screen/Monitor Correctly The display needs to be positioned in such a method that it is neither as well far nor as well near to you. There ought to only be a regarding arm's size range in between you as well as it. When reading, your monitor ought to also be in a good position that will not compel you to bend your neck. Its top needs to approximately be at the level of your eyes. 3. Take Frequent Breaks To keep your body joints and muscles removaling and working out, you need to be taking time-outs regularly. The brief duplicated breaks are better than long ones. Having those breaks aids the already pressured muscle mass as well as joints relax, while the untouched ones take control. Verdict Back discomfort from computer job kicks in through such points. Avoiding the back discomfort, for that reason, implies securing more than one essential part of your back. To be able to protect against the back pain, you ought to begin by understanding all its causes. Stopping the back discomfort resulting from your computer system workstation is essential. Constantly utilize the above measures to prevent back pain from computer work. Your back is vital as well as must be kept in a great condition. Constantly utilize the above procedures to avoid neck and back pain from computer work. Avoid all the costs that would certainly be incurred while treating serious neck and back pain. Never ever be also inactive on that particular sit. Always be as much active as possible. https://backandbodynj.com
  • Marie-Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs
    “The provocation of the random and the unpredictable is our strategy in approaching the spatial and programmatic aspects of architecture. We work at discovering the factors leading beyond pure functionality – it is how we see the essence of architecture.” Marie-Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs (*1967) and Ernst J. Fuchs (* 1963) founded the next ENTERprise Architects in 2000 in Vienna, Austria. From the beginning tnE have operated in a field that ranges from experimental installations to architectural practice, treating both approaches as equal and mutually influential. Projects like the Zirl House / AT (1997), Stadtwind / AT (2000), Blindgänger / AT (2000), Underground Swimming Pool / AT (2001), Audiolounge / AT (2001), Trinkbrunnen / AT (2003), How to Start a City / AT (2003), Lakeside Bath Caldaro / IT (2006), Cloud Tower - Open-air pavilion Grafenegg/ AT (2007), Residential development Auer-Welsbach-Straße / AT (2007), Archaeological Center Mainz / GER, competition 1st prize (2010), Noeklius _ informed sculpture / AT (2014), Fidesser House / AT have been widely published and awarded. The studio was nominated several times for the Mies van der Rohe Award / Further Prizes: Austrian Baupreis, Clients’ Award of the Austrian Architects Association, City of Vienna Award for the Advancement of Architecture, the Lower Austria Award for Cultural Achievements in Architecture. Their projects and installations have been shown among others at Archilab Orléans / FR (2000, 2001, 2003), Latent Utopias, Steirischer Herbst / AT (2002), Bienal de São Paulo / Brazil (2003), Manifesta / IT (2009), Venice Biennale / IT (2004, 2006, 2010, 2016),’Fractional Systems’ at Mackey Garages, Los Angeles (2010), Walking Chair Gallery Vienna / AT (2011), Aedes Gallery Berlin / GER (2004, 2014). Their project UN/COMMON SPACE UN/DEFINED LIVING for "Places for People" was presented in the Austrian pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA 2016 in Venice / IT. Marie-Therese Harnoncourt and Ernst J. Fuchs are internationally invited for talks and lectures, and they have held teaching appointments among others at the University of Applied Arts Vienna / AT, Vienna University of Technology / AT, University of Innsbruck / AT, University of Art and Design Linz / AT, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava / SK, École Spéciale d’Architecture Paris / FR. The first monograph of the next ENTERprise 'Close to the Bone' was published in 2007 (DD22, Damdi Architecture Publishing Co., South Korea). www.tne.space
  • New Jersey Chiropractor
    You Could Avoid Your Neck and back pain by Picking Right Pose In present time lots of individuals suffer a constant mild or intense neck and back pain, as well as they blame their work, stress and anxiety or other problems for exact same. However, most of the moment your stance is in charge of the neck and back pain and also a lot of the moment you could prevent your pain in the back just by choosing ideal position. Right here, I am sharing some easy stance ideas that could assist you prevent your back discomfort conveniently. Slumping over If you have a routine of slouching on your chair, after that it will absolutely lead you to an unpleasant situation. Slumping over on your chair gives you a convenience for the moment, and if you do it occasionally, then there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. However if you make it your habit, after that it will boost strain on your muscles, which will certainly lead you to a sore back. Standing Improperly Standing in a correct manner is vital to prevent back discomfort. If you stand with a flat back or if you protrude your bottom for any kind of reason, after that it can create extreme back discomfort. Likewise, leaning on the leg would have the exact same result, and it will certainly create significant neck and back pain. To stay clear of these complications, it is a sensible suggestion that you stand on your both feet, with correct posture and that will aid you prevent your back discomfort. Hunching Over the Desk Many of the individuals that do resting work return pain together with neck pain due to hunching their back on the desk. You require to recognize that when you hunch on your desk for doing your filing work or for keying on the key-board, it causes a whole lot of pressure on your back, and at some point leads you to an unpleasant back. To prevent this discomfort, you can simply rest and also type without bending your back, and if required, you could request a various chair, table or some improvement for even more comfortable working. Besides this, holding your phone in between your head as well as shoulder is also in charge of pain in the back, as well as you shall quit doing that to avoid the pain in the back. And also if you sit also reduced or you set your display too expensive, then also you could have the complication of pain in the back. It is a great idea that you choose appropriate seats pose which will aid you deal with your back pain in a smart manner. Standing in a correct way is important to prevent back discomfort. If you stand with a level back or if you stick out your base for any type of reason, after that it can create extreme back pain. Leaning on the leg would have the very same effect, as well as it will trigger severe back pain. https://backandbodynj.com/treatments/chiropractic/
  • DamagedPhotoRestoration
    Businessmen talk money. You can’t judge them, because they worked a lot to build their life in the way it is. The process of the opening of a new business, especially when the niche is already divided by several rivals, always coexists with risks and significant financial sums given away. Looking for the money to make the startup happen can be very difficult, especially for a young entrepreneur. This is why getting a grant or at least a loan from one or several future business partners may be your lucky chance if your business development will be mutually profitable. Damage photo restoration does not create a new beginning: this area is already filled up with both massive companies, which present themselves as the only ones, which are able of doing it well and with freelancers, who seek to make their money in offering something twice or three times cheaper than those companies. This may work for a while, but sooner or later people find out the cheap on some amateur platforms does not always stand for better in quality part. Our team has been known for several years already and we always keep our financial reports with great accuracy. We have a stable amount of new clients coming to us every month and a certain amount of the regulars, who value us and who do not go anywhere else. This means, that our studio is trusted and we do our job well. Our schedules are full with the most various image manipulation orders a company can get. We do our tasks in time, with pleasure. And the photo shooters we’ve been dealing with can tell you that our style is very flexible though careful and thoroughly detailed. When you ask someone to name the most known retouch studios, you will hear our name and this makes us proud. While we have proven our loyalties to our colleagues in the photography sphere, but still we do not wish to stop developing with things we have got. On a contrary, we dream to expand our client circles, hire a couple of talented retouchers to enlarge the staff and to make our income bigger than some may dream of. Of course, we understand that a loan is more credible for any company or a person, who volunteers to give us money because eventually they will have their money back one way or another. And have no doubt that we have resources to pay you back anytime. But with your money we can open more offices with the up-to-date equipment for our employees and make them feel comfortable in soft chairs with tea or coffee to get some stimulation. A loan is not someone dreams off, although we ensure you with our best judgment that percent you can get from us is not the biggest profit you will have, as you shall have us by your side with mutual advertisement and a lot of respect. There are no extra acquaintances when you seek for expanding your business and dream to see it rises more and more. We shall present you to our photographer colleagues, who may interest you in making photos not only for your business of any kind, but for personal matters as well. But we will not deny, that we hope to get a grant even more than a loan. A grant may consist of many things: money in cash, in check, on a card, some equipment, may be some raw materials, assistance in any kinds of way, new ideas, that are still not present on the market much. We hope to get collaboration work flawlessly with new pieces of furniture, or programs of the latest appearance, or anything else. We also have to clarify, that grant is not refundable, while loans are. But those who help us now shall get something profitable from us in the future even if we do not handle them money back right away. Contacts, colleagues, free ads, new ideas in exchange, there will be something because we know how to be grateful. Further development is often a difficult question for many enterprises, this is why we offer you to give us a helping hand now with financial question and get a helping hand in other or even in the same matter after, when you need it. We understand, that in order to do it, we must prove, that we are worthy – so google, read reviews everywhere, study our financial records – we are doing good and we are not going to stop whatever happens. Your assistance should be deserved, so study our retouch jobs and decide whether it is really good or do you think quite opposite. We know we definitely deserve attention and we know how to get if very well. If you are in need of attention in any sphere, you should come to us and we will show you the best results. Talk to us if you are not convinced – we know what our aim is and we are ready to do everything to achieve it. Let us show ourselves, help us become better and you will see how the business thrives and wins with your own eyes! Minor reliefs are also good because they let us to change the way things are at some local points, but bigger sums will let us show the world the difference between “it’s okay” retouch and the “wow” one. We know that today even government can give a grant to some company, but right now they are more concerned with society, with feminism issues and other ones like that. So think about helping us, about working with us in the future, about being one of the key persons, who builds the future they want to see. We do care for the foreign funds just as much as for the ones in our country because we have several reliable companionships across the ocean and we will gladly extend their amount. Your area doesn’t even matter, because photography and retouch are connected directly to the media and always will be of great use for everyone.

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