• Sara Carpenter
    Sara is a design, bikes, baking, traveling, and pizza enthusiast. She recently left the world of television for greener pastures in modern design.
  • Verona Carpenter Architects
    At Verona Carpenter Architects we design environments for experience. We provide a vision that advances our clients’ values and missions through their built environment. In every project, from a lobby to an office building, we find opportunities within the constraints and create new possibilities. Through our leadership we maximize resources and impact. With the community of users always in mind, we design with humanity and for resilience. Irina Verona and Jennifer Carpenter each have more than 20 years of experience in New York and beyond, designing projects at every scale: objects, rooms, apartments, buildings, and sites. Our firm approaches each project, big or small, with an open mind and a focus on strong communication.
  • Walhonde Tools
    Website: http://walhonde.com/top-liner Address: 1255 Childress Road South Charleston, WV 25309 Phone NO: 304 756-3796 Pipe clamps fromWalhonde Tools in South Charleston, West Virginia are the best the industry has to offer. Walhonde Tools supplies tube and pipe alignment tools for numerous industries and our impressive list of clients includes everyone from small family operations to the US Navy and NASA. At Walhonde Tools, we have developed professional-grade pipe clamps that can be counted on in any application of heavy-wall and thin-wall pipes. Some advantages of Walhonde Tool’s pipe clamps include increased speed, unmatched quality control, and enhanced safety. Our pipe clamps are currently available in materials including carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. These range in size from 2”-22” and are able to hold over 150 pounds in weight.
  • Tools Design
    The products of Tools Design are often characterized by a simplistic and innovative approach. The portfolio ranges from electronics and medical equipment to household products.
  • Hultafors Tools
    Hultafors manufactures handtools. We are perhaps best known for our folding rules. However, our range consists of a wide array of tools for both professionals and home users who want to work with functional tools of high quality. Our head office and central warehouse are located in Hultafors, which is also the home of our factory for folding rule production. The sale of folding rules today is a highly automated operation, perhaps the best in the world.
  • Tools Warehouse
    Tools Warehouse was originally established in 2014 to meet the demand of the emerging online market, & to satisfy consumers with our wide range of power tools, hand tools, hardware & machinery. We vision ourselves to be Australia’s leading independent retailer of tools & machinery with a significant online presence. Tools Warehouse operates across three locations in NSW, with stores in Smithfield, Liverpool & Rutherford. Location: Port Macquarie NSW 2444 Australia