• Pixy Interiors
    Pixy is an awarded photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, available for editorial and interior/architecture work. Website: www.pixyinteriors.com Contact: pixy@pixyinteriors.com Instagram: @photobypixy
  • UP interiors
    Timeless everyday objects and spaces. upinteriors.com
  • Falken Reynolds Interiors
    Falken Reynolds is a Vancouver-based interior design practice. Our work centres on private homes and extends to retail, hospitality and product design. With a global perspective and a highly personal approach, we create inviting spaces shaped by the distinct lives and experiences of our clients. Clean lines, craftsmanship and considered details are our hallmarks. We design environments to exude quiet confidence; a feeling achieved through a balance of seemingly disparate qualities—modernity and warmth, richness and restraint, sophistication and levity, intentionality and surprise. We are deeply curious about each client—their culture, values, communities, travels. Exploring their story is how we discover the voice of each project, and translate it into an intimate and authentic home. Our clients embrace this inquisitive approach for the personality it brings into their daily spaces.
  • Ruth Preucel Interiors
    Award-winning Bay Area designer Ruth Preucel collaborates with builders, craftsmen and artists to create luxury interiors. www.ruthpreucelinteriors.com • 510 610-9262 • ruth@ruthpreucelinteriors.com
  • J.Fisher Interiors
    J.Fisher Interiors is an Austin, Texas based full service interior design firm that offers comprehensive design & architecture services for residential and commercial projects in all phases of construction. We specialize in major remodels, as well as provide consultations for space planning, interior adjustments and styling.
  • Studio D Interiors
    Studio D Interiors is a boutique, full service Interior Design studio that focuses on creating comfortable living spaces, elevated with creative and artistic products and details. Most of our clients are in the New York City area, Long Island and Westchester, but we have clients nationally as well.
  • Chimera Interiors, LLC
    Chimera Interiors is creating interiors that blossom through a sensual language of materials, a refined intimacy of detail, and a subtle play of colors and luminosity.
  • Irena Spencer Interiors
    Irena Spencer Interiors is an innovative interior design firm based in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Kimberley Harrison Interiors
    Kimberley Harrison Interiors specializes in full-service interior design and full-scale remodels of residential projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • LDa Architecture & Interiors
    LDa is committed to finding a meaningful balance between the traditions of New England architecture and the demands of contemporary living. For the last 30 years, we have provided clients with thoughtful and inspired residential design solutions rich in detail and craft with a focus on lasting value and sustainability.
  • Content Architecture + Interiors
    Everyone deserves good design. It's a simple philosophy but it's one we believe in. Our team approaches every project with the mindset of a real estate developer, with the creative insight of an architect, and with the job-site know how of a contractor. We have a hard time turning away projects that we feel a real connection to regardless of size and type, and have years of experience ranging from kitchen and bath remodels to new custom homes and large multi-story commercial. Our goal is to increase the flow of solutions, reduce costly inefficiencies and improve the value delivered to our clients. Content Architecture + Interiors honors historical significance and works to integrate projects into their developments and communities. When we translate a design, additional consideration is given to construction practices, ecological features, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, feasibility, and budget.
  • Bobby Berk Interiors + Design
    BBID specializes in residential and commercial design with a focus on developing model homes and community amenities with home builders and developers. Bobby designed the Builder Magazine IBS 2016 Showhomes with one of them winning the Golden Nugget Award for "Best Home under 4000sqft".
  • Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors
    CCS Architecture is dedicated to excellence in architecture and design. They have gained international acclaim for a diverse range of public and private buildings, as well as interiors for living, working, eating, and more. The work is firmly based in the modernist idiom where innovation and creativity are balanced by common sense and experience.
  • Shapeless Studio Architecture & Interiors
    Shapeless Studio seeks to create warm and well-crafted spaces, using natural materials and thoughtful details that are respectful of the urban and historic contexts of New York City. We enjoy working on a mix of historic and modern spaces, and believe each project in our portfolio reflects the tastes and personalities of each particular client. Our team of designers strives to make the renovation process rewarding and exciting by providing a high level of support from schematic design through the end of construction.
  • Soloway Designs Architecture + Interiors
    Come along with us on a journey of collaboration combining our expertise and vast experience with your personal style, grace and vision, expertly resulting in your ideal living space. Travel with us through the design process, interior design + selection and construction of your architecturally original home.
    Interior designers & architects creating spaces & furniture that reflect the client's interests and personality
  • Cristina Jorge de Carvalho Interior Design
    Cristina Jorge de Carvalho was born in Mozambique, Africa. She currently lives in Lisbon, her city of choice and constant departure and arrival point for her numerous travels, for pleasure, work, or for the continuous search for new inspirations. In 2000, back in Lisbon, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho founded the atelier Cristina Jorge de Carvalho Interior Design that today employs a team of highly specialized professionals with expertise in Interior Design and Architecture. http://www.cjc-interiordesign.com/en/
  • Cravotta Interiors
    Cravotta Interiors designs homes people love being in and escaping to, homes that embrace a sense of history and a sense of adventure, homes that become part of their biography and tell the world who they are. Taken all together that sense of belonging can be translated into a place called home. That’s what we believe. It’s also what we do. Here’s how we do it. We don’t just collect pieces, we compose spaces for living. We curate every piece and every aspect of your home…from your front door, to your art collection, and all points in between. We create a living experience that’s as beautiful as it is functional. A Cravotta Interior lets life unfold in livable luxury, among surroundings that express the highest ideal of who you are.
  • Swivel Interiors
    SWIVEL INTERIORS is a boutique residential firm that specializes in creating spaces that capture and communicate clients’ authentic, individual styles and sensibilities. Our distinctive approach to designing with intention draws on a combination of creative expertise, design training, and intuitive skills. Through highly collaborative and rewarding client-designer efforts, interior spaces are born that embody the energy and essence of each client. Come home to your style.

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