Miami based interior design and architecture firm.
  • Arch11
    We design sustainable environments where people thrive everyday, whether they're working, learning, living or at play. Arch11 is skilled at developing projects with "impossible" sites, budgets and structural parameters, while meeting the goals of diverse clients. We are uniquely able to work between the intimate scale of the bespoke home and the complexity of a corporate headquarters, bringing care and craft to each.
  • dk3
    dk3 is a furniture concept that emphasizes the natural aesthetic. This Danish manufacturer creates uniquely designed furniture that is shaped by nature and crafted by true enthusiasts. Always with a focus on personality, pride, and sustainability. Its vision unites the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classical furniture design through the fusion of timeless steel or brass components and high quality wood. The love of the organic material and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the process, from the first design sketches to working in the carpentries in Denmark, where the furniture is finished and surface treated by hand. Established in 2009, dk3 is today exporting to more than 25 countries. dk3 is available in the finest lifestyle shops in New York, London, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Sydney, Mexico City and elsewhere and it is with great pride, that they manufacture furniture pieces from such great Danish designers as Kaare Klint, Børge Mogensen, and Poul Cadovius.
  • EQ3
    EQ3 is a North American furniture company.
  • 3SIXØ Architecture
    3SIXØ Architecture was founded in 1997 and has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors. The Rhode Island chapter of the AIA has bestowed its top honors on 3SIXØ five times in the past decade and The Boston Society of Architects has recognized 3SIXØ with three awards. In 2002 Architectural Record named 3SIXØ one of ten “vanguard” architecture firms emerging worldwide and in 2008 Architectural Record recognized 3SIXØ’s STIX Restaurant as one of its annual “Record Interiors.” The work of 3SIXØ has also been widely published in magazines including Architectural Record; the Korean Magazine, Plus Architecture and Interior Design; the Japanese Journal, SPA-DE; Interior Design; Design New England; Residential Architect; Rhode Island Monthly; The Boston Globe; The Boston Herald; The Providence Journal and The Hartford Courant. Several books have featured the work of 3SIXØ: Salons and Spas, The Architecture of Beauty; Eat! The Best of Restaurant Design and Restaurant Design.
  • dulichtraco3n2d
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  • N8 Games
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  • Laura C. Mallonee
    Laura C. Mallonee is a New York-based writer. Her articles have appeared in The Guardian, The Atlantic, and The Paris Review.
  • o2 Architecture
    Architecture is dedicated to discovering the essence of place.
  • bk8uytinvn1
    BK8 đang sở hữu một trong những quy trình khiến người chơi kỳ cựu nhất cũng phải kinh ngạc. Một trong những điểm nóng tại các nhà cái uy tín mà thành viên quan tâm nhất chính là thời gian giao dịch Website: https://bk8uytin.com/
  • CB2
    CB2 is a modern destination from Crate and Barrel that first opened in Chicago in the year 2000 and has since grown to 14 urban store locations. CB2 is known for affordable modern design for apartment, loft, and home.
  • 3Sthree
    A design, manufacturing, and installation group for tradeshow exhibits, retail, and environments.
  • brg3s Architects
    brg3s Architects' approach to the process of architecture involves the collaboration of client, user, planner, architect, engineer, and builder to understand, explore and organize every facet of a project. Through the process all participants become engaged in how each facet is addressed in any given solution.
  • Resolution: 4 Architecture
    RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTURE is an internationally published and highly acclaimed ten-person firm, completing projects in the residential, commercial, and public realms. Founded in 1990 by Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, RES4 is dedicated to addressing 21st century conditions through intelligent architecture and design. The firm consciously works to enhance sustainable practices that address the current and long-term challenges facing our dynamic communities. Through iterative investigation, RES4 works to shape the palpable, illuminate the obscure, and understand the interface of architecture, its users, and its context.
  • Arcbazar.com
    Arcbazar is the first-of-its-kind competition platform for architectural, interior and landscape design projects. At Arcbazar, you can launch a design competition for a new home, your remodeling project, an addition to your existing home or landscape - or any other home & garden design project. You describe the project, upload images, and provide an award and timeline. Designers from all around the globe submit their designs, and you pick the best solutions.
  • 1 + 2 Architecture
    1 + 2 ARCHITECTURE is a multi-award winning practice focusing on the delivery of high quality contemporary architecture. The directors bring with them a breadth of local, national and international experience in projects ranging from residential design to large commercial and institutional buildings. We believe that a successful outcome is best achieved by an investment in the quality design services that we offer.
  • keobongdak8
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  • fcb8
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