• 1 + 2 Architecture
    1 + 2 ARCHITECTURE is a multi-award winning practice focusing on the delivery of high quality contemporary architecture. The directors bring with them a breadth of local, national and international experience in projects ranging from residential design to large commercial and institutional buildings. We believe that a successful outcome is best achieved by an investment in the quality design services that we offer.
  • Arch11
    We design sustainable environments where people thrive everyday, whether they're working, learning, living or at play. Arch11 is skilled at developing projects with "impossible" sites, budgets and structural parameters, while meeting the goals of diverse clients. We are uniquely able to work between the intimate scale of the bespoke home and the complexity of a corporate headquarters, bringing care and craft to each.
  • 30E Design
    With over 20 years of experience in design and construction, 30E Design specializes in home renovations and landscapes.
  • 51-1 Arquitectos
    51-1 is an architectural office based in Peru, Lima. The team is run by Cesar Becerra, Fernando Puente Arnao and Manuel de Rivero. In 2006, they founded 51-1 with the project Multivacaciones. In 2007, 2G Dossier selected 51-1 among the 30 emergent offices from Ibero-America.
  • kitHAUS
    kitHAUS revolutionizes the conventional rules of prefab in a way that's as innovative as it is fexible. Our Modernist modules are built solid with a patented lightweight M.H.S. construction system, that gives you several advantages over conventional building practices. Our modules are constructed on site in a matter of days, not months, and because of its lightweight properties can get into the hardest-to-reach places, without heavy equipment. We at kitHAUS have pre-engineered several configurations from modest stand alone single units, perfect for that weekend retreat, backyard office or studio to more aggressive multi unit configurations. We have also partnered with state of the art solar technologies giving you the option of off-grid or grid-tie possibilities, customized to our kitHAUS configurations. Just think of the possibilities, starting now.
  • halong2n1d
    Nhân dịp chào hè 2023, PT Travel cung cấp cho các khách hàng tour du lịch Hạ Long 2 ngày 1 đêm với mức giá cực ưu đãi. Trong tour bạn sẽ được tham quan nhiều địa điểm nổi tiếng, ngồi trên du thuyền ngắm cảnh, thưởng thức những món ăn tươi ngon và có đầy đủ phương tiện di chuyển, hướng dẫn viên chuyên nghiệp,….
  • Global Citizen 1
    I like following the ideals and design aesthetic presented for the modern world via this online service. I always enjoy reviewing clever and new ideas there really is no end to the creative genius of mankind.
  • Laura C. Mallonee
    Laura C. Mallonee is a New York-based writer. Her articles have appeared in The Guardian, The Atlantic, and The Paris Review.
  • v9betno1 v9betno1
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  • o2 Architecture
    Architecture is dedicated to discovering the essence of place.
  • CB2
    CB2 is a modern destination from Crate and Barrel that first opened in Chicago in the year 2000 and has since grown to 14 urban store locations. CB2 is known for affordable modern design for apartment, loft, and home.
  • Arcbazar.com
    Arcbazar is the first-of-its-kind competition platform for architectural, interior and landscape design projects. At Arcbazar, you can launch a design competition for a new home, your remodeling project, an addition to your existing home or landscape - or any other home & garden design project. You describe the project, upload images, and provide an award and timeline. Designers from all around the globe submit their designs, and you pick the best solutions.

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