Hallway Terrazzo Floors Design Photos and Ideas

In the light-flooded lobby of Sister City, mismatched chairs huddle around a wooden table, and an arched doorway is anchored by a slatted wall. White brick, open metal shelving, and a speckled tile floor complete the space.
The linoleum was replaced with terrazzo tile, and since the wall was built out to wrap the wall ovens, that created a spot for a catch-all table and art.
Although construction paused during the pandemic, the couple were able to wrap the project in August 2020. Plentiful sunlight now streams into the space. “It had to be light, it had to be bright,” says Shawn. “It was going to be a room that our family would be in for most of the time.”
A view from the glazed connection to the module housing the living space.
"We wanted a raw and natural feel using materials with low embodied energy and where the crafting of the human hand can be registered," says Joe. The material palette includes hot dip galvanized steel work, which is exposed and celebrated; hoop-pine plywood on walls, ceilings, and joinery; blackbutt hardwood on the exposed rafters, beams, stairs, and floorboards; and plantation rosewood for doors and windows.
The apartment’s long corridors and high ceilings allow the space to still feel airy despite its narrowness.
The existing terrazzo flooring serves as a guide through the space, emphasizing the locations of existing walls and selectively infilled with glass, like at this original opening in the corridor.
Burns was inspired by naturalistic elements in Frank Lloyd Wright's work. Natural Arizona sandstone runs along exterior and interior walls while in-ground planters dot the entryway.
Clerestory windows bring additional natural light into the home.
Pioneering architect William Krisel's Tipper-Grundt Residence is a futuristic formation of five connected pods. The entry showcases the interior pod-like design, hand-forged stone walls, and original white terrazzo and brass inlaid flooring featured throughout the home. The updated, state-of-the-art kitchen and bathrooms have clean, white cabinetry that contrasts with the rough stone of the masonry walls.
To connect the addition to the mas, Tapias and his team built an annex onto the existing entrance gallery. “There are transition spaces that move you from the old house to the new,” he says.
Terrazzo floors by Terrazzio run throughout the house.
The original arches were turned into doors with steel-framed glass that let in ample natural light. Custom terrazzo lines the floors.
Globe pendant lighting illuminates the interiors.
The lower-level landing.
Sixteen-foot ceilings and glass doors seamlessly connect the living spaces to the outdoors.
The stunning interiors feature an authentic midcentury-modern material palette that includes original terrazzo flooring, brick, and warm wood paneling.
A catwalk, bordered by a modern steel-and-glass railing and a vertical wood-slat wall, connects the four bedrooms on the upper floor.
The single-level hotel and spa is spread across 3,229-square-feet, and includes a reception hall, a spa, and four bedrooms that all have access to an outdoor terrace.
A bench in a hallway can also provide a moment of respite, encouraging new perspectives and rhythms within a residence, even if it's just a pause to look out a window or into another room.
Both the niche and the base of the kitchen island are covered in reclaimed end-grain red oak.
The entry.
The entrance opens to the living area, in which an I-beam stands where the kitchen enclosure was. “It was really tight, so we wanted to push back the wall that was in front of the door,” Julien says. The couple traded the old carpet for terrazzo flooring. Julien found the test bomb at an antiques mall.