Practicing Sustainability Is Easier Than You Think With These Handy Guides

It’s simple to make lasting changes to your home, wardrobe, and everyday life that are kind to the planet.
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Embodied energy, gray water, black water, carbon footprint—the list of sustainable design terms goes on and on, and we're here to help you make sense of them. Read on to understand what each of these terms mean in the world of green architecture.

Now more than ever, having a sustainable home that conserves resources and energy usage is paramount. Sustainable design and architecture has seen tremendous growth over the last decade—as has the number of professionals who specialize in designing and building green homes. While major sustainable features pertain to the initial design, planning, and building stages, there are still plenty of changes to make in your home for a greener lifestyle.

The greenest home is the one you already have.

There are plenty of passive and sustainable design solutions—both large and small—that can be employed to reduce heat gain and the need to artificially cool a space with air conditioning.

Louvers, jalousies, frits, awnings, and exterior shutters—learn about some of the best-looking and effective ways to achieve a passive solar design in your home.

Living green walls may have gotten their start 80 years ago, but they’ve recently become some of the most striking and important eco-friendly features in buildings across the world.

Take a look at some of the most exciting, sustainable buildings around the world, and you may notice something they have in common: green roofs, or rooftops covered with a thin layer of soil to allow for grasses and other low-lying plants to grow.

Easy peasy: there are a ton of simple ways to make a positive impact on Mother Earth without drastically altering your daily routine.

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Your closet is a great place to kick start environmentally conscious lifestyle practices. Investing in ethically produced pieces, shopping at consignment stores, and mending items you already own are all easy ways to improve your carbon footprint. We searched for the best fashion brands that create high-quality and sustainably sourced clothing that you can cherish for years to come.

From IKEA to Emeco, a growing number of businesses are slashing waste by putting it straight back into production.