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Renovated Midcentury Home in Austin Doubles Square Footage


For over fifty years, A.D. Stenger was a unique figure in the American architectural landscape. Idiosyncratic and independent, Stenger acted as developer, architect, and builder to produce his own unique brand of relaxed modern architecture. Here's how a local architecture firm added on to a Stenger home.

The architects of Austin-based Webber + Studio were asked by a recent divorcee, seeking a home for her three daughters and dog, to renovate a 1968 Stenger home and double its size by adding 1,500 square feet. The architects emulated the home’s Japanese-inspired elements and referenced other Stenger houses in the area to produce a tasteful homage to a classic modern style.

The original home was only one story, but the need for two children’s bedrooms demanded a second floor in order to...
The architects felt that a strong vertical addition would draw extra attention to the original house’s strong...
The house’s Japanese inspiration manifests in many ways, including beams that extend outwards over the front door.
The architects went with a bold, orange hue for the kitchen countertops.
A pool located just outside the dining space and master bedroom echoes the home's angular forms.
The pool’s pinched center and a nearby shade tree reflect the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi,” or imperfection in...
The master bath features a freestanding bathtub and elegantly curved spout.
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