Collection by Kelsey Keith

Husk's Custom Ceramics


In a city filled with culinary hotspots, Charleston's Husk is in a class of its own. On paper, it may sound standard: Southern cuisine, sourced from regional farms, serving up lots of pork, bourbon, and pimiento cheese. As with all good design, however, Husk's artfully executed simplicity is a result of very detailed planning. When in Charleston last week, I had a chance to visit and was struck by (among many other just-so details) the rustic, earthy tableware. Eschewing the crisp white of haute cuisine standby Limoges porcelain, these muted, weighty ceramics were done locally by design duo Chip Burr and Fiorenzo Berardozzi.

Husk is no under-the-radar cafe: It was crowned Bon Appetit's best new restaurant in America in 2011 when it opened.
Ceramicist Chip Burr tells us how he hooked up with Sean Brock to start producing Hearth's unusual tableware: "My...
Burr says of Chef Brock, "He's very personable and accessible." Here, a 7-inch bread plate.
Culinary magazine Bon Appetit agrees with Burr's assessment: "Brock isn't reinventing Southern food or attempting to...
7-inch soup bowl, made exclusively for Husk by Chip Burr and Fiorenzo Berardozzi in Charleston, SC.
Chip Burr explains that "we fire them at Cone10 (around 2,400 degrees) in a gas-fired kiln with reduction.
Chip and Fiorenzo collect ashes from Husk's wood-burning stove and, after sifting, incorporate it into a ceramic glaze.