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Geigy's Graphic Design


Design Musem Zurich's current show Good Design, Good Business showcases the great graphic design from 1940-1970 of the Swiss chemical company Geigy.

Neocid was another pesticide Geigy sold.
This advertisement by Fred Troller from ca. 1964 is one in a series that appeared in coloring books.
Designer Herbert Leupin's poster for Trix, a household spray meant to keep moths away, appeared in 1952 and is in the...
By the 60s, the packaging for all of Geigy's medications came with the identifying stripe and color blocks.
This advertising card designed by Roland Aeschlimann appeared in 1963.
This brochure from 1966 by Stephan Geissbühler shows Geigy's quick inclusion of the psychadelia popular at the time.
This ad card by Gottfried Honegger was part of a series of medicines aimed at particular parts of the body.
This book cover by Max Schmid from 1955 was part of a catalog of Geigy's products.
This Acaralete 2E cannister by Markus Löw played with the same motif found in Schmid's medicine packaging.
This poster by Nelly Rudin is from the early 60s.
In English this poster reads: "Kik keeps insects at a distance." Bug repellents such as Kik were popular Geigy products.
Jörg Hamburger's document portfolio is from 1957.
This is a glimpse inside Geigy's propaganda department of designers Andreas His, Max Schmid, Igildo Biesele, Enzo...