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Classic Cookware a Staple in American Kitchens for 100 Years


A new exhibition at the Corning Museum of Glass looks at the 100-year history of Pyrex, the maker of iconic American cooking tools from casserole dishes to measuring cups. We spoke to co-curator Regan Brumagen about the brand's influence on modern American life.

"When Pyrex was launched in 1915 as clear glass ovenware, American consumers needed to be persuaded that baking in...
"Despite its initial success, Pyrex sales began slowing down in the 1920s.
"Following WWII, Corning developed the colorful opal ware that many people associate with Pyrex.
"[The ads] in the 1930s [had] appeals to the everyday consumer concerned with low prices and practicality.
"Often popular images and colors were tied in to the ads to increase appeal.
"From the beginning, when wife of Corning Glass Works Physicist Jesse T. Littleton baked a sponge cake in the bottom of...
"Early ads promoted this idea that Pyrex added beauty and elegance to serving food, allowing dishes to go straight from...
"In the 1980s, microwaveable products were added to the Pyrex line, as more and more families needed the convenience of...
The exhibition "America’s Favorite Dish: Celebrating a Century of Pyrex" is on view at the Corning Museum of Glass...

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