Top 5 Kitchens of the Week With Warm Wood Details

From birch, to pine, to oak, these modern kitchens incorporate wood in truly stunning ways. Take a look at the kitchens from the Dwell community that caught our editor's eye this week.

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1. Corner Apartment

Designed by Dratler Duthoit, this apartment greets visitors with an illuminated central living space.

Architect: Dratler Duthoit, Location: Strasbourg, France

From the architect: "The main living space is built around [three wood elements]: a full-height central cabinet that ensures delimitation with intimate spaces; an Italian-style kitchen the in corner leans against the windows and defines dining space; and a low and linear library highlights the living room."

2. Laidley Cottage

Red Dot Studio upgraded the Laidley Cottage kitchen with a wood-fronted refrigerator and cabinets, open shelving, and whimsical pendant lighting.

Architect: Red Dot Studio, Location: San Francisco, California

From the architect: "Like much of San Francisco’s housing stock, the Laidley Street Cottage was becoming out of date. Built to last 100 years, the home was at the end of its useful life with all building systems needing upgrading. Originally, the home was an existing rear yard cottage. In the redesign, additional square footage was modest and focused on right-sizing the property to the site while adding new building systems and daylit design."

3. Hood Cliff Retreat

The architecture of Hood Cliff Retreat defers to the landscape, as evidenced by the cedar planks incorporated into several rooms of the home. Wittman Estes Architecture repurposed beams and siding from the original cabin as countertops and interior cladding. The firm's focus on simple details and a restrained material palette kept the construction budget to a minimum.

Architect: Wittman Estes Architecture + Landscape, Location: Hood Canal, Washington

From the architect: "Built on the site in 1962, the original dark and opaque cedar cabin left the owners feeling cut off from nature, and they asked for a indoor/outdoor retreat that would allow them to be closer to the land and also house an expanded program of three additional bedrooms and sleeping quarters for their extended family."

4. Des Érables Residence

Naturehumaine used maple plywood and white accents throughout Des Érables Residence, striking contrast with the original wood moldings of the building.

Architect: Naturehumaine Architecture & Design, Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

From the architect: "The project consists of the transformation of a Montreal duplex into a single-family house. The architectural concept is built around a new staircase that joins the existing building to the courtyard extension."

5. Renton Hill House

Renton Hill House features an open floor plan and a natural palette of steel, concrete, and walnut. Citizen Design Collaborative strategically integrated original and modern details to create a unique home. The house is designed to bring people together and age beautifully as it's passed down through generations.

Architect: Citizen Design Collaborative, Location: Renton, Washington

From the architect: "The homeowners wanted to keep their family home’s existing footprint while updating the layout to better harmonize with their changing needs and social lifestyle. The design/build team worked in tandem to create spaces that paid homage to original traditional details while transforming the home into a series of modern indoor and outdoor spaces intended for living and entertaining."

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