Winter Is Coming. Why Not Buy This Log Cabin–Style Villa in Finland?

Winter Is Coming. Why Not Buy This Log Cabin–Style Villa in Finland?

By Luke Hopping
There’s room for you and everyone you know at this $4.3-million ski house, so consider going in on it with some friends.

True log cabins aren’t quite as large as this newly for-sale, 7,380-square-foot villa in Finland, but then again, the wood-frame cottages of yesteryear weren’t designed to house hordes of weekend guests and mountains of sports gear, either. Located near the Levi ski resort, in the endless forests of Lapland, the rustic lodge features walls built of hearty tree trunks, a branch-free wood-paneled ceiling, a little gazebo, and, of course, a sauna. Inspect the home’s voluminous yet surprisingly cozy interiors below, then decide if it’s worth the $4.3 million price tag here

The home is enveloped in arctic nature. The surrounding woodland is interrupted only by outdoor recreation areas for golfing and skiing.  

The dramatic spiral staircase was handmade by Voitto Mustakallio in Nurmijärvi, Finland.

The home includes a traditional Finnish sauna clad in birch. 

A traditional tapestry and other textile accents warm the home. The chandelier is by Kalmer. 

The cathedral-like, wood-paneled ceiling makes a big impression in the foyer. 

The home has five official bedrooms, and it can house extra guests in its living areas. 

The property also includes a gazebo and garage. 


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