Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sublime Staircases

More than just a way to get from point A to point B, the stairways in these homes have been upgraded from functional features into unique, sculptural moments. From concrete railings to outdoor locations, these stairs from our editor's picks are a step above the rest.

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1. Sticks & Stones Home

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia

From the architects: "Designed for an uncluttered and relaxed family life the house layout is very simple and quite cartesian in plan except for one sinuous wall overhanging the driveway. Every room opens to a terrace or the garden through large glass doors that slide on ball bearings; one can step outside without noticing the thresholds."

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2. Object 336

Architect: Meier Architekten Zurich, Location: Zürich, Schweiz

From the architect: "The idea was to stage the area from the entrance to the terrace as an open but visibly demarcated area – by integrating a staircase with the bookshelf which is open on both sides."

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3. Casa Modesta

Architect: PAr, Location: Moncarapacho, Faro, Portugal

From the owners: "From the ground up we built a house using the traditional knowledge and architectural culture, the local people and materials. In the Casa Chã, we translated ancestral legacies to a contemporary language, creating and feeding social and economical dynamics connected to local art and crafts. Cemented in the memory of family and place, PAr consolidated this project in the Casa Modesta prototype."

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4. Casa Milton

Architect: Estudio Atemporal, Location: Ciudad de México, México

From the architect: "The three levels were articulated by the presence of the stairs, where a central concrete monolith was designed and raised, becoming a sculpture in the heart of the house that gives meaning to its surrounding spaces."

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sublime Staircases - Photo 4 of 5 -

5. Haus P

Architect: Project Architecture Company, Location: Berlin, Deutschland

From the architect: "The monolithic house with its slanting roof and dyed plastered facade uses a casual everyday architectural language. The open-plan living area with its two-storey space above the dining table creates a generous spatial feeling, while the bedrooms and adjoining rooms have a high degree of usability due to their orthogonal layout."

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Sublime Staircases - Photo 5 of 5 -

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