Casa Milton is a rehabilitation of a 50’s house in one of the most modernist neighborhoods in Mexico City. The concept and design is totally inspired in the epoch including some of its iconic furniture.

Designed for a young couple with a taste for design, art, and decoration, the project parted from various references in which the mood of the space, its sequences and atmospheres were defined. Elements such as frameworks and furniture were reinterpreted in order to achieve coherence with the existing and rehabilitated surroundings.

The project consisted on the final phase of the rehabilitation of a mid-century house that had been previously intervened in two initial stages between 2014 and 2016 in which the second and third floors were transformed into a temporary apartment and a terrace respectively.

Each of the three stages of the project intended to make a reinterpretation of the proportions, atmospheres and motifs of the epoch in which the house was built; combining original elements with the new palette that coexists with the preexistence and generates new experiences within the house.

The third phase concluded the process of development; it integrated the house into a whole element by completing the program so that it could respond to the desires and needs of the clients. In order to achieve this goal, public and service spaces located temporarily on the second floor, were relocated to the first floor, leaving upstairs only the private and served spaces of the program.

Finally, the three levels were articulated by the presence of the stairs, where a central concrete monolith was designed and raised, becoming a sculpture in the heart of the house that gives meaning to its surrounding spaces.

A sober yet functional material palette composed by wood from oak and ash trees, steel window frames, raw carpentry furniture, brass detailing, and granite and quartz surfaces, was chosen in order to recreate the desired setting in which textures are enhanced by the natural light that dissolves in the curvature between ceiling and walls.

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Modern home with Hallway, Concrete Floor, and Medium Hardwood Floor. main lobby  Photo  of Casa Milton

main lobby

Modern home with Hallway and Concrete Floor. main lobby  Photo 2 of Casa Milton

main lobby

Modern home with Staircase and Wood Tread. main lobby  Photo 3 of Casa Milton

main lobby

Modern home with Staircase and Wood Tread. staircase  Photo 4 of Casa Milton


Modern home with Wood Tread and Staircase. staircase Photo 5 of Casa Milton


Modern home with Bath Room, Freestanding Tub, Ceramic Tile Floor, Wall Lighting, and Ceramic Tile Wall. bathroom Photo 6 of Casa Milton


Modern home with Kitchen, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave, Wall Oven, Wood Counter, White Cabinet, and Terrazzo Floor. kitchen  Photo 7 of Casa Milton


Modern home with Kitchen, Wall Oven, White Cabinet, Subway Tile Backsplashe, Drop In Sink, and Marble Counter. kitchen Photo 8 of Casa Milton


Modern home with Kitchen, Open Cabinet, Terrazzo Floor, Subway Tile Backsplashe, Wall Oven, Marble Counter, and Ceiling Lighting. kitchen  Photo 9 of Casa Milton


Modern home with Outdoor, Back Yard, Trees, Shrubs, Raised Planters, Gardens, and Small Patio, Porch, Deck. backyard patio  Photo 10 of Casa Milton

backyard patio

Interior Design
  • LGM Studio
  • 2017