Top 5 Homes of the Week With Interesting Floor Plans

Not only are these homes located in breathtaking places, but they also champion intriguing, open-floor plans. Take a look at our favorite homes of the week.

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1. Crestline

Architect: ANACAPA, Location: Santa Barbara, California

From the architect: "A young couple with discerning taste and excellent design sensibilities approached the firm with an outdated 1960s home and a modest budget. We transformed it into an ultramodern, minimalist home featuring sophisticated design. While we maintained the hipped roofs of the existing structure as well as the basic bones of the initial building, we added an impressive 600 square feet to the master suite. A larger bedroom and lush living room open onto an outdoor patio that's primed for outdoor entertaining in the backyard with a full outdoor kitchen."

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2. Case Inlet Retreat

Architect: mw|works, Location: Washington

From the architect: "Nestled into a forested slope along the Case Inlet, this retreat opens to views of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound. Set on a 20-acre plot, the 2,600-square-foot building is anchored by a weathered, cedar-clad bedroom wing. A bold concrete cantilever projects the living and dining areas into the dense forest and toward the view.  The open-plan dining and living area features expansive views achieved through floor-to-ceiling glass walls. High ceilings evoke the feeling of sitting outdoors amidst the trees. A broad flat roof hovers above the living area and provides an upper-level terrace."

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3. Lake Chelan 

Architect: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, Location: Washington

From the architect: "This family hideaway was designed for modern, easy living inspired by the essence of 'camp life' and a family’s love for the outdoors. Designed to celebrate its location, history, and culture of the region, the house draws inspiration from miners' cabins, barns, alpine structures, and the natural environment. These vernacular inspirations were blended with modern shapes, elements, and details to create a fresh and welcoming aesthetic. Living spaces spread amongst three levels that allow for separation and togetherness, while connecting to the outdoors and the breathtaking views."

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4. The Öcher House

Architect: MLMR Architecture Consultancy, Location: Navarra, España

From the architect: "It is a strong concrete wall that unfolds the whole project. The wall—which is quite high in some areas and semi-buried in others—is a protection mechanism. On the one hand, it protects the house from negative orientations—north and west—and also protects the house from views and perspectives from the surrounding plots. Finally, the wall is a mechanism that contains land, since it allows the house to generate flat spaces and adapt itself to the strong unevenness of the land."

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5. Casa OM1

Architect: Andrés Escobar, Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

This brick residence has high ceilings and an open-floor plan, allowing the residents to enjoy the space they live in. With a beautiful indoor/outdoor space that leads to a private sanctuary, Casa OM1 is a new build home that's "made for modern-day living with spaces that balance technology, comfort and, of course, luxury," according to the archtiect.

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