Top 5 Homes of the Week That Let in Natural Light

With their open floor plans and glass façades, these homes are perfectly designed to let light in. Check out our top five homes of the week that illuminate their homes with natural light and sunshine.

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1. Country Club Residence

Architect: Migdal Arquitectos, Location: Mexico City, Mexico

From the architect: "The residence 'lives' to a golf course in Mexico City. The project, while considering its views, its principal south-facing orientation and the morphology of the land, is created L-shaped, permitting all spaces to face the 'great garden', while creating a continuity of the exclusive green area towards the greens of the golf course, whereby the golf course becomes the most important garden of the residence."

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2. Townhouse with Private Garden

Architect: baan puripuri, Location: Bangkok, Thailand

From the architect: "Baan puripuri has completed its latest project of 18-unit housing development located in a vibrant neighbourhood of Bangkok. By creating a modern, light-filled home with a sleek touch of Thainess, the project aimed to maximize the potential of the 3-storey townhouse space and overcome the challenges of living in an urban environment."

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3. Skyline Residence

Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Johnson, Location: Bend, Oregon

From the architect: "Approached through a forested plateau of Ponderosa pine, this residence for a young family is a delicate stripe across the horizon. Extending along the edge of a lava escarpment, the slender building faces an expansive tableau of the Cascade Mountains."

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4. E20

Architect: Steimle Architeken, Location: Pliezhausen, Germany

From the architect: "The striking residence, a monolith designed of insulating concrete is located on a quiet street with little traffic in the village of Pliezhausen, a good 30 km south of Stuttgart. Facing the street, the new building presents only a few openings cut deeply into the solid concrete shell. While the crystal-shaped house still relates to the existing built context due to its parallel elongated sides, it contrasts distinctly with the neighboring buildings by virtue of the tapered ends formed by its shorter sides."

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5. Art House 2.0

Architect: Carol Kurth Architecture, Location: Pound Ridge, New York

From the architect: "At one with the site, the house nestles amidst natural stone outcroppings and untouched forest. The use of indigenous stone materials and cedar juxtapose the rectilinear forms and glass expanses. The use of shaded horizontal overhangs takes advantage of natural daylight to illuminate the interior and creates a passive solar effect. Geothermal energy systems further the thoughtful response to the environmental aspects of the home."

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