Follow Us to Japan, Australia, and Mexico to See Our Top 3 Homes of the Week

Follow Us to Japan, Australia, and Mexico to See Our Top 3 Homes of the Week

We celebrated Independence Day on July 4th and worked a three-day week here at Dwell, which means we only have three homes to share with you today. But don't worry, they're extremely cool. Take a look at our favorite homes that reveal extraordinary modern design, but are located in different parts of the globe.

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1. Brighton 5 by InForm

Architect: InForm, Location: Brighton, Victoria, Australia

From the architect: "This sleek, two-story residential pavilion includes an open-plan living area, study, and master bedroom on the ground floor, with three kids’ bedrooms and a rumpus room on the upper floor. A large loggia adjacent to the pool includes an outdoor kitchen and open fireplace. Quality, timeless external finishes include cement render walls, metal fascias, and timber soffits, with contrasting black powder-coated door frames and screens. The theme of casual luxury continues into the interior, which includes a concrete fireplace suspended between the meals and living space."

2. The Cave

Architect: Abraham Cota Paredes, Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México

From the architect: "The project was born from listening to the client's needs: within the list of dependencies, a space seemed fundamental. A multipurpose room located on the basement was needed where the client's family would spend a lot of quality time. We thought of introducing a double-height patio that would provide natural lighting and ventilation to the basement. This gave us the perfect excuse to plant a tree that would bring character to the space. On the ground floor, the crown of the tree rises, filling the void generated by the double heights, extending its branches throughout the surrounding spaces."

3. Newton House

Architect: Kohei Yukawa and Hiroto Kawaguchi, Location: Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

From Leibal: "Newtown House is a minimalist residence located in Kyoto, Japan, designed by Kohei Yukawa and Hiroto Kawaguchi. The clients wanted a home in which they could enjoy nice views as well as have good communication with the people around them. The architects arranged the home so that the parent’s room and children’s rooms were opposite each other from the North and South. The main living area would be situated in the center of the home. The wooden inclined ceiling is made continuous so that the interior and exterior spaces coexist."

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