This 140-Square-Foot Tiny House Is Packed With Surprises

With two lofts, floating stairs, porthole windows, and tons of character, Tiny House Valhalla is a delightful abode for a family of three in France.

Based out of the commune of Le Pallet in Brittany, France, Baluchon is a small studio that makes beautiful bespoke tiny houses. Established in 2016 by Laëtitia Dupé and Vincent Bouhours, the team has already completed 14 unique dwellings, and their fifteenth project is a warm and cheerful home known as Tiny House Valhalla.

Tiny House Valhalla, designed by Baluchon, features floating steps that lead to a sleeping loft.

Designed for a family of three who live nearby, the 140-square-foot abode features an exterior facade comprised of horizontally laid wood siding, with sections painted white for interesting contrast. The door, roof, and window frames have been painted an upbeat, vibrant blue to enhance Valhalla's whimsical charm.  

Western red cedar has been used for all the siding; several of the sections have been painted with Finnish linseed white paint. The single slope roof is made out of blue metal sheets. It has been fitted with roof ladders supported by five brackets on each gable.

The house had two lofted spaces—one for a living lounge and the other for the parent’s "bedroom," which is located above the bathroom and kitchen, and is accessible via floating steps.

Across from the entrance door is the kitchen, which features a sink, small oven, hot water tank, fridge, and gas hobs. 

The lofted sleeping space features a double bed, a removable bedside table, and a balustrade which is attached to the floor as a safety precaution.

A wide staircase that leads up to the "living room" loft is sited to the left of the kitchen. The first two steps that lead up to the floating stairs can be tucked under the table when not in use.

To the left of the door is a work area with a dining table/study desk that’s almost six feet long.

The bedroom enjoys views of the outdoors through windows on both sides.

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The bathroom is located behind the door, next to the tall bookshelf near the entrance.  

A close-up of the bathroom.

From this part of the house, the owners can enjoy outdoor views via the slender, panoramic windows. 

The half-level living loft boasts a sofa, coffee table, and potted plants. 

The floating stairs can also be used as shelf space.

Two wardrobes that sit under the living area form a small corridor, which leads to an extra sleeping space. When not in use, the homeowners can also use this room for hidden storage by closing the yellow curtains.

The simple, den-like sleeping nook can easily be converted into a storage space when needed.

Project Credits: 

Designer and builder: Baluchon / @tinyhousebaluchon


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