7 Companies Building Tiny Homes That Fit the Whole Family

These tiny home companies are designing small spaces that can house as many as eight people.

Tiny homes aren’t just for one or two people. These days, more and more tiny house companies are designing spaces with four or more occupants in mind. Here are a handful of builders that are doing some family planning.


Escape’s Traveler XL model has a cedar-clad interior with plenty of big windows to welcome in natural light.

From the exterior, Escape’s models may seem like other tiny houses on the market, but their Traveler XL Limited and One XL models can sleep up to eight people. Just under 400 square feet, the One XL is clad in shou sugi ban wood, and its cedar interior has a contemporary aesthetic. The slightly smaller Traveler XL Limited has lofty 13.5-foot ceilings and large windows, giving it an open, airy vibe.

Le Workshop

Le Workshop’s 226-square-foot Hawkes Bay tiny house can sleep a family of five.

A New Zealand family of five is sharing their small-living mantra with others through their tiny house design business Le Workshop. Carpenter Francois embraces his background in cabinet-making to create smart storage solutions. Wood-clad walls and surfaces add a warmth to the pared-down aesthetic. An array of designs are available, but the 226-square-foot Hawkes Bay tiny house can sleep a family of five with a loft and three expertly stacked bunks.

Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Timbercraft’s Denali 839 sleeps four with its additional loft option.

Based out of Alabama, Timbercraft Tiny Homes has three models built specifically for the family in mind. The Denali 41XL and Denali 839 both have a loft option, allowing the models to sleep four. And the appropriately named Boxcar model also can fit four. Outfitted with beautiful millwork and earthy color schemes, these tiny homes have the look and feel of a cozy cabin.

Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom's Cayman model comes in four lengths ranging from 34 to 45 feet, and there are a variety of floor plans to choose from.

Tiny Heirloom, the folks behind HGTV’s television series Tiny Luxury, designs and builds micro-dwellings with two- and three-bedroom options. Starting at $100,000, the mobile homes have the look and feel of a contemporary brick-and-mortar home, but on a much smaller scale. While most tiny homes on the market are designed with sleeping lofts, these models have walled-off bedrooms for more privacy.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses offers a handful of different models that suit families. The Pemberley is the largest with a square footage of 460.

Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses has four models that are designed for families of four or more in mind: the whimsical 26-foot Pequod, the clean and contemporary 28-foot Wasatch, the rustic 34-foot Red Mountain, and the sprawling Pemberley, which comes in at a whopping 460 square feet. All models have their own look and feel. The company also sells DIY kits and tiny house plans for those who want to add their own touches. 

Mint Tiny Homes

Mint Tiny Homes’ Loft model has a variety of layouts and options to make it your own.

Mint Tiny Homes, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, builds mobile dwellings that can house as many as eight people. With their bright white interiors and thoughtful layout, the small spaces seem generous. The 30- and 34-foot Loft Editions each offer two sleeping spaces, and the semi-custom plans allow you to select which layout works best for your family; plus, the larger Canadian Goose models can sleep as many as eight.

California Tiny House 

California Tiny House's custom homes offer a variety of smart space solutions like slide-out modules to tuck away desks and clothing closets.

Custom builds are California Tiny House’s speciality, ranging from cozy, 120-square-foot cabins to expansive, 400-square-foot mobile homes. Smart space design includes modules like desks and clothing closets that slide out from under lofted beds. Starting this year, the company is selling an array of pre-planned tiny house models with a variety of customizable options. Or if you are handy, you can purchase the plans to build one yourself.

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