This Tiny Trailer Home Lets Its Owners Climb Up the Wall

Thanks to a transportable tiny home with a nifty climbing-wall facade, a couple can tap into their love for bouldering, no matter the time or place.

One of the many perks of tiny homes is how they can be customized to fit not only a client's every need, but also enable their hobbies. Case in point with a recently designed property from Tiny Heirloom

Inspired by a couple's shared hobby of bouldering, this Oregon–based design and manufacturing company has created a towable, double-axle trailer home that features a rock climbing wall on the front facade. 

Th towable, double-axe trailer home is 28 feet long.

That's right—the Mississippi owners of this micro dwelling can climb up the wall, literally. Fitted with Rockwerx modular climbing panels, this rock wall allows the couple to park wherever and whenever they want to get some "spidey-style" exercise. More so, the wall handholds can be easily reconfigured, so the owners can change their climbing routes for variety.

Thanks to the rock climbing wall on the front facade, the Tiny Adventure Home allows the owners to practice bouldering whenever they like, no matter the time or place.

Also known as the Tiny Adventure Home, the house features a large glazed door that can be lifted up—similar to a garage door—to open sections of the home for a more intimate connection with the outdoors.

A peek at the back side of the trailer where the front door is located.

There is a built-in dining nook with a custom walnut dining table and two benches that can fit up to six people. When mealtime is over, the automated table can be lowered at the push of a button to create more lounging room. This space is also large enough to fit a king size bed.

Above the dining area is a lofted lounge and office space with a small desk, chair, and cushions.

On the opposite end of the dining area is a spa-like bathroom with sliding arched doors, Moroccan tile trimming, a walk-in closet, toilet, rain shower, and a corner bathtub.

Thanks to the large window on one side that frames the natural scenery outdoors, the house feels much larger than its actual size.

Above the bathroom is a cozy sleeping loft with a double bed. This space, along with the lofted lounge above the dining area can be accessed with a moveable ladder.

Between the dining area and bathroom is a kitchen that has concrete countertops, a stainless-steel farm sink, an oven and stove, and bright blue cabinets with elegant brass handles. These contemporary touches complement the craftsmanship and industrial-style details, giving this small dwelling a unique, modern feel.

A view of the kitchen, dining area, and loft lounge from the bathroom.

A peek at the large picture window that looks into the kitchen.

Project Credits: 

Architect and builder: Tiny Heirloom  


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