These 6 Collaborative Coworking Spaces Will Give you Serious Office Envy

These 6 Collaborative Coworking Spaces Will Give you Serious Office Envy

By Caroline Wallis
The global coworking movement proves that going to work can be inspiring.

According to an Officevibe report, 40 percent of the workforce will consist of "freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and solopreneurs by 2020." As the number of "solopreneurs" continues to rise, many choose to work in designated coworking spaces designed to foster a sense of community among other likeminded individuals. Popularized by giants like WeWork and Regus, coworking has become an appealing, fairly common practice particularly among Millennials. 

Take a look at some of our favorite coworking spaces from around the world.

1. The Working Capitol - Singapore

Nestled in Singapore’s Central Business District, The Working Capitol boasts amenities such as an outdoor lap pool, boutique gym, and rooftop garden. Not only do they support its users professionally—but they also foster a culture of mindfulness and health.  

The Working Capitol offers monthly memberships for Workspots, Workdesks, and Workspaces. 

2. Utopic - Madrid 

Utopic in Madrid takes on a playful and whimsical coworking environment, complete with hammocks and bold, colorful walls. The largest coworking space in Spain, Utopic creates a space for its clients to think outside of the box and pursue a variety of side projects.

Utopic puts a flair on the modern coworking space with expansive storage walls and bursts of color.

The "U School" runs in parallel to Utopic’s agenda, and gives members the opportunity to build their professional skills outside of regular work responsibilities. They also also boast two gastronomic bars and an art gallery for creative fuel. 

Utopic features a range of different coworking spaces. Each "Sala" is themed and inspired by a different type of modern design.

3. Betahaus - Bulgaria

Betahaus is central to the Bulgarian capitol city of Sofia, and functions as a startup incubator with "Betapitch" competitions and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.   

The "BetaCafe" creates a fun space for gathering, and supports various community events like their "Betapitch" and startup job fairs.

Betahaus’ three floors boast a 180-person capacity, a cafe, and the "betalab"—a machine-learning workshop.

High ceilings and a ton of natural light make up Betahaus' winning recipe for a productive work environment.

4. Oficio - Boston

Oficio in Boston offers three coworking setups: open-plan coworking, dedicated desks, and private offices. All three options include access to amenities like conference rooms, copy and printing facilities, and a pantry. 

Similar to a gym membership, Oficio clients can purchase subscription access to workspaces ranging from comfy armchairs to communal work tables.

They support the Boston arts community by featuring works by local artists in the office space, and by hosting events to promote the artwork. The Newbury Street location features a classic East Coast interior with a bright, midcentury twist. 

Oficio promotes local artists by regularly rotating out artwork by featured artists.

5. Techspace - Austin

Situated on the North bank of the Colorado River, Techspace Austin enjoys the best of both worlds: a central location within the city and access to riverside bike trails and parks. If there's such a thing as a "professional outdoorsy" aesthetic, Techspace Austin nails it. 

Techspace Austin's vibrant kitchen area features a custom bar designed by DoveTail Custom Woodworks.

Techspace Austin packs about 28,000 square feet and 20-foot-high ceilings on the first floor, giving the entire space an expansive quality. The office is designed to be as agile and flexible as its clients, and offers a range of membership options to accommodate fluctuation. 

The locally-sourced reclaimed wooden wall and moss sign by Articulture bring the outdoors inside in Techspace Austin's office.

6. Covo - San Francisco

One of San Francisco’s newest additions to its booming coworking culture is Covo, a communal space that’s designed to help balance work and life. It’s ideal for those who need to get some serious work done, but also wouldn’t mind taking a moment to relax in the lounge or meet a friend for a cup of coffee. Along with meeting rooms, phone booths, a large open space, and a classroom, Covo also has its own on-site coffee shop, bar, and cafe that’s open to the public.

Because Covo's large, open space is ideal for events, they have a full calendar scheduled at any given time. You can also host your own party, intimate gathering, or company event, with direct access to the on-site bar and cafe. 


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