The Whole House System That Unifies Every Room

The Whole House System That Unifies Every Room

By Jenny Xie
Presented by Henrybuilt
Flexible and customizable, Henrybuilt systems are integrated solutions that elevate living spaces.

In many cases, our furniture conspires against us. We grapple with counterintuitive handles or impractical drawers, letting design dictate our lives instead of the other way around. Seattle-based company Henrybuilt was founded in 2001 to create the first and only American kitchen system. Henrybuilt focuses on creating a holistic solution that integrates aesthetics, function, and craftsmanship. The result is an elegant home that caters to the client's lifestyle and eases the day-to-day experience. 

In a Henrybuilt kitchen system, every detail helps orchestrate a streamlined experience. For example, the pulls above protrude to match the plane of the counter and end panels. Drain fields are milled onto work surfaces to fit custom cutting boards and colanders, and low energy LED lights are morticed into the bottom of wall units, which have scoops instead of handles. 

Henrybuilt works with clients to choose a material palette that resonates with the rest of the home.

Long known for its versatile kitchen systems, the company has expanded its product line to bring the whole house into alignment. The Henrybuilt Whole House System provides storage, work surface, and panel solutions that bring a refined aesthetic and expert engineering to every room. Each stage from planning and design to fabrication and installation is streamlined, unlike the traditional approach to cabinetmaking. The Henrybuilt design group works with each client to tailor the system to the unique needs of their project both dimensionally and visually. Often, the team will make recommendations regarding soffits, stem walls, and window placement to ensure that its products blend seamlessly into the surrounding architecture. Starting with a schematic design, the team adapts the system to the specific cooking and storage needs of the homeowner before selecting materials and pull styles.

Both functional and aesthetically svelte, this panel and integrated door system hides an elevator and integrated hall storage.

Whole House elements encompass the kitchen, bath, office, library, and laundry room as well as offering wardrobe, table, media, and panel system solutions. Whether it’s a bathroom vanity or media center, each product exhibits the design ingenuity, craftsmanship, and material quality we have come to expect from Henrybuilt.

Henrybuilt upholds premium quality standards in craft, materials, and installation to ensure that its products withstand use, especially in high-traffic areas such as the bathroom. Unique finishes contribute to durability.

A key component of the ultra-flexible Whole House System is the Opencase Wall System, which provides storage through rod and panel components. The panels can be endlessly reconfigured to suit the space, and they come in a wide range of materials and sizes. Stainless steel rods supporting steel, wood, leather, and fabric storage elements are easy to install and move around, allowing the wall to shift and conform to the client’s changing needs. The entryway may need more coat hooks in the winter months, for instance, or the office shelves need to accommodate a larger desk; Opencase ensures that these adjustments happen in a matter of minutes.

A wide array of clear and tinted veneers are available for wood products, which include multiple species, tones, and layup options. Above, an Opencase system outfits an entryway with versatile storage options. 

Henrybuilt allows homeowners to create a consistent look throughout a home, knitting together the kitchen and dining room, bathroom and hallway.

For closet organization, the highly evolved Wardrobe System allows the client to manipulate hanging racks, drawers, and shelving around a central dressing area for a bespoke sartorial experience. Lighting, mirrors, and electrical outlets are thoughtfully incorporated while wooden valet trays, leather lined storage compartments, felt door pockets, leather pulls, and a built-in laundry hamper offer a luxurious range of textures and functionalities. Customers also choose whether to install doors, available in a wide palette of finishes, or leave the system open.

The Wardrobe System features sliding wooden valet trays, leather lined storage compartments, custom interior felt door pockets, handcrafted leather pulls, and an integrated laundry hamper.

Henrybuilt tailors the Wardrobe System to separate closet functions in a way that meets the needs of the client and the parameters of the architecture. Above, the niche features an Opencase system for added shelving and pegs.

Expertly engineered and executed, the Henrybuilt system is invisible, yet integral to a harmonized space. The company offers custom solutions for every room in the home for a living experience that is the perfect fit.


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