The Dwell 24: Orior

The Dwell 24: Orior

The furniture designers at Orior are applying a contemporary perspective informed by traditional methods.

Though Brian and Rosemary McGuigan established Northern Irish furniture line Orior in 1979, over the past two years the company has been reinvented under the creative direction of their son Ciarán—with the help of their daughter Katie, an occasional adviser who runs her own clothing line. 

"Building on a brand my mom and dad started forty-two years ago, I didn’t want collections," Ciarán says. "I wanted to create objects with their own identity." 

He and his U.S.-based team are reimagining pieces from archival lines in new styles. Katie, in London, is drawing on her experience as a fashion designer to create work like the Orcal rug, which features a bold print inspired by the Irish countryside. 

The McGuigans are reinvigorating their brand through more than just furnishings. In Georgia, where Ciarán went to school, the company is creating a space where staff can meet with clients. Ciarán says, "It’s where we’ll bring our ideas together."

Read the full Q&A with Ciarán below.  

Hometown: Rostrevor, Ireland

Describe what you make in 140 characters. We design and make high-end heirloom furniture

What's the last thing you designed? A desk.

Do you have a daily creative ritual? Linking up with my team on WhatsApp for constant banter.

How do you procrastinate? Reading up on soccer. 

What everyday object would you like to redesign? Why? A vanity, I could do a banging job

Who are your heroes (in design, in life, in both)? My sister Katie Ann McGuigan is my muse

What skill would you most like to learn? I would love to learn how to weave rugs.

What is your most treasured possession? Early works by artists Andrew Humke and Lou Ros.

What's your earliest memory of an encounter with design? Being immersed in the Orior workshop as a child. 

What contemporary design trend do you despise? I’m not a huge fan of trends.

Finish this statement: All design should… Last.

What's in your dream house? High ceilings, open space, and a ton of art.

What do you wish non-designers understood about the design industry?  The amount of time and thought that goes into every single detail.

You can learn more about Orior by visiting their website and on Instagram.




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