This Small Slate Cabin Rental is the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

This Small Slate Cabin Rental is the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

By Anna Squier
Set in an agrarian landscape of hills, pastures, and lush green valleys, the Slate Cabin is a quiet retreat inspired by its setting in the Welsh countryside.

Designed by Sydney-based architecture studio TRIAS, the Slate Cabin is a simple, rectangular building composed of materials that resonate beautifully with the structure's surrounding landscape. 

Commissioned as a result of an international competition, the cabin was completed in 2017. It is a place of quiet refuge on the edge of Snowdonia National Park where nature can be observed and appreciated. The concept is a response to the striking landscape, and was inspired by the local and historically significant material of which so much of Wales is acclaimed for—slate. 

Above is a study model of the Slate Cabin that depicts the structural system and form.

Here is another study model with a scale to show the elegance and compactness of the form.

The exterior is dark and quietly textured, wrapped in a local slate stone which is anchored to the building like shingles.  The slate was reclaimed from nearby farms and formed into tiles, which will soon display beautiful weathering due to the passage of time. Rugged and rustic, the cabin is one with the landscape in which it sits. 

The simple volume is restrained, yet elegant in its resolution for the compact footprint requested in the competition brief. Contrasting to the dark exterior, the interior is light and bright, wrapped in a honeyed wood tone. Inventiveness and thoughtfulness in construction allows a single room to function for all essential activities such as sleeping, cooking, and relaxing. Crafted as a piece of millwork, the whole design is fully integrated with subtle built-ins that differentiate between functions, creating compartments within one larger space. 

A built in seat and table lies behind the head of the bed, providing a quaint dining space.

Stairs leading up to the platform bed doubles as storage for books.

All storage and shelving is meticulously integrated into the overall design. A shelf above the bath provides storage for hiking packs.

Built with as few materials as possible, the cabin is a combination of efficiency and comfort. Operating off-grid, there is a small wood burning stove in one corner for cooking and warmth. A bath is tucked behind the main living space. Almost all surfaces are lined in birch plywood, while ceilings are covered in a woven hessian, making quite a quiet nod to the rural setting. 

Purposefully located openings provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. A continuous lantern of high windows pulls natural light deep into the space, while providing views of the sky and distant surroundings. Strategically placed windows reveal various sights as one moves throughout the space. 

Continuous windows draw daylight deep into the space, while providing views of the distant landscape and sky beyond.

A long window frames panoramic views of the setting beyond.

A built-in ledge set directly at the window provides a desk surface.

Rustic and simple in appearance, the architectural design is ingenious in its construction, fabrication, and thoughtfulness to the natural setting. 

The plan above showcases the innovative and efficient use of space in the compact floor plate.

This axonometric drawing explains the building components that create the cabin, including everything from the floor plate and slate cladding, to the lantern of windows and up to the roof.

If you're interested in renting the Slate Cabin for your own getaway, you can book your stay through Epic Retreats here.


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