See How Sliding-Glass Pavilions Transformed a Renovated Melbourne Home

See How Sliding-Glass Pavilions Transformed a Renovated Melbourne Home

By Melissa Dalton
B.E. Architecture unifies new and old in a Melbourne residence, honoring the existing structure while introducing flexible glass pavilions.

In their approach to renovating and adding an extension to Hopetoun Road Residence, B.E. Architecture sought to first "retain the existing structure as an anchoring element." To do that, the architects clad the gabled facades in the front and back with polished grey render, then wrapped the entire original building with a floating roofline edged in copper.

Underneath that, they tucked a series of glass pavilions with retracting walls, which allow the new interior spaces to merge with a pool and terrace. According to the architects, the gables "give the house a re-established sense of history and permanence," whereas the glass extensions and sheltering ribbon of copper roof offer up a variety of "spatial experiences."  

Having struck a balance between old and new with the exterior, the architects then repeated that approach on the interior. This is highlighted by the custom front door, which consists of a panel of agate discs that evokes traditional stained glass in a more modern way. 

"Often working in period homes with irreparable leadlight entries, we are faced with the question of what to replace them with," writes the architects on their website. "As contemporary designers, we believe that the alternative is to reinterpret the original idea in a way that is equally appropriate to the historically significant building and modern context." 


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