This Sleek Travel Trailer Is Practically a Cabin on Wheels

Home ownership, luxury, downsizing, adventure—no matter what you're looking for, this travel trailer can be all that, and more.

From its black corrugated siding and streamlined modern profile, to its white-washed pine walls and plentiful windows, the team at Land Ark RV has without a doubt outdone themselves with Drake, their latest model. 

At $139,900, this thoughtfully-designed camper is far from your average camper. Featuring a kitchen, full-size bathtub/shower, plenty of storage, and enough room to sleep up to six, the Drake offers all the essentials of a home in as little as 357 square feet. 

Aside from its stunning look, what makes the Drake unique is the thoughtful expertise that has gone into its design. Crafted by Land Ark RV's founders Brian and Joni Buzarde, who have been living the mobile tiny house lifestyle since 2011, this travel trailer has been years in the making.

"The unique shape and appearance of the Land Ark RV is an example of form following function—in this case, the spatial quality of the interior drives the shape of the exterior," explains co-founder Joni Buzarde.  

"The front and back walls flare out not only to create a more usable space within the same footprint, but more importantly, it makes the space feel expansive rather than boxed in."

"Psychology and emotional response play big roles when you're living in such a relatively small space, so subtle moves can have a large impact." Whether one is looking for a weekend retreat or a mobile home equipped for an extended sojourn, the two founders have spent years researching and testing so that this model can be the ideal solution for all.

With a sleek, contemporary profile, the Drake is equally comfortable in rugged terrain or a more refined setting. Here is a look at the ladder accessing the storage soffit. The bathroom window extends your sight-line through the space and outward.

This built-in custom couch offers ample storage underneath.

The tall ladder lives secured against the wall, but can be attached to either the guest loft or storage soffit, providing access to either.

Ample natural light enters via the multiple windows. As you can see above, stylish cabin vibes flood the home.

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The kitchen and living areas are integrated together inside the large main room, yet each can still function as its own autonomous zone.

The master loft fits a king bed, and features an egress window and two awnings.

The bar-top is wrapped in gorgeous pine siding.

A closer look at the white-washed walls and sleek black hardware.

The flex room can fit a queen-size bed, or be outfitted as an office.

Spacious enough to serve as a tiny home, yet small enough to still maintain a tiny footprint—especially within the context of the western landscape—the Drake is ready for adventure.

For more information on the Land Ark RV check out their website here. 

Project Credits:

Designers: Land Ark RV, Brian and Joni Buzarde

Structural Engineer: Yeti Weurks, Nick Geurts

Cabinetry Design:Land Ark RV

Cabinetry Construction/Installation: Twig, Jim Oberlander


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