These Spellbinding, Handcrafted Saunas and Cabins Start at Less Than $10K

Handcrafted according to centuries-old technique, Estonian company Iglucraft’s shingled saunas and cabins are straight out of a fairy tale.
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With their rounded, organic silhouettes and shingled shells, the huts and saunas crafted by Estonia-based Iglucraft look like something out of a fairy tale. The made-to-order structures, available in a range of sizes and finishes, marry a 200-plus-year-old building style with modern conveniences. The result is a captivating mix of practical, Nordic design with old-world whimsy.

Each prefabricated Igluhut is wrapped in spruce shingles using a traditional Nordic building technique. Available in five main configurations, the huts range in size from 108 to 212 square feet. Here, their mid-range model measures 22 feet long and 7.5 feet wide, with space for either two or four people depending on the floor plan.

"We started out building a single sauna that we felt the market was missing," says Priit Kallas, CEO of Iglucraft. "Not only does the round shape stand out visually, it also provides a better steaming experience." The company has found itself popular with customers across Europe who agree, including soccer star David Beckham.

The company's Iglusauna is available in three main sizes—from an egg-like, four-person model, to a six-person model that resembles the cabins.

"Everyone who has been in a sauna knows how steam can sometimes kick you in the back while bouncing off the walls and corners," says Kallas. "Due to the Iglusaunas’ round shape, steam travels up toward the ceiling and softly floats back down. It feels like you are wrapped in the steam." Now the company aspires to expand the distinct design to cabins that can be used as guest houses or weekend retreats.

Inside, the cabins are wrapped in either aspen or spruce, with most of the timber sourced sustainably from Estonian forests. The same shingling technique used on the exterior is employed to create a layered, half-dome design at each end of the hut.

"We do not see our products simply as buildings," says Kallas. "We look for clients who share the same values and mindset. The huts and saunas really are handcrafted; we do not utilize heavy machinery during the production."

Each cabin and sauna is made to order in Estonia, then shipped to the customer. Kallas says, "The facade is completed using traditional techniques that go back 200 years."

The aspen shingles are finished in either chestnut, hazel, and ebony-colored stains. The style is traditionally used on farm houses and rural barns.

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While the company markets five main Igluhut styles and three Iglusaunas, their team also collaborates on custom projects—in fact, they’ve just finished a 25-person sauna. Igluhuts start at approximately €20,ooo and the saunas at €8,900, exclusive of VAT and delivery or installation. Keep scrolling to check out the interiors and see some of these huts and saunas in the wild.

The largest Igluhut model measures nearly 30 feet long and 7.5 feet wide. Convertible furniture pieces inside can accommodate a small family or different uses.

The smallest cabin measures just 16 feet long, providing space for a tiny kitchen and nook bed.

The bedroom area is spacious enough to accommodate a double bed, with built-in storage beneath and at the end. The camper-like alcove benefits from a central window for natural light.

Larger models include more floor space for living, dining, or extra beds.

A compact kitchen is custom-built for each space. A curved doorway leads to the bathroom.

The standard-model bathroom offers a full-size toilet and vessel sink. A stand-up shower is located in a small hallway behind the sink.

Successful cabin designs allowed for the easy expansion into larger saunas as well. Taking the same shape as a small-to-mid-sized hut, the company offers two six-person saunas.

The two larger Iglusauna models come with a separate changing area.

The interior of the saunas are wrapped in aspen, with either an electric or wooden heater.

With an undeniable, Instagram-ready appeal, the company’s products have made their way to many alluring locales—from riverside docks and backyard gardens, to secluded forest getaways and sublime waterfront perches.

Iglusaunas can be found in many interesting spots around the world.

Likewise, the Igluhuts have found homes as quirky rental cabins and backyard guest suites. Here, a custom collaboration helped to create a floating cabin in Germany.

Contact Iglucraft if you’re interested in a backyard sauna, or even want to outfit your own rental property. 

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Design: Iglucraft / @iglucraft

Construction: Iglucraft / @iglucraft


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