Here Are 7 Prefab Companies in Texas That Should Be on Your Radar

Here Are 7 Prefab Companies in Texas That Should Be on Your Radar

By Kate Reggev
These prefab and modular home companies in Texas draw inspiration from vernacular style and the needs of their communities.

Prefabricated homes are big in Texas. Builders, designers, and architects have developed kit, modular, and prefab dwellings that score top marks for sustainability, quality, and speedy, streamlined construction in recent years. Read on for a look at seven Texas prefab companies that are operating at the top of their game.

1) Contain Builders

The 320A Mod, one of Contain Builders smaller prefab homes, features a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom as well as a spacious living area—all within 320 square feet.

From their home base in Austin, Texas, Contain Builders designs and builds shipping container homes that range in size from 160 square feet for a small studio to about 1,200 square feet for fully-functioning, multi-room homes. The company is keenly aware of the economic and environmental issues that have affected Austin in recent years, and as a result they seek to build affordable, durable, and sustainable solutions.

2) MA Modular

The ranch-style Casita 850 by MA Modular houses two bedrooms and one bathroom in a finely laid out 850 square feet.

Based in Austin, Texas, Ma Modular is an offshoot of architect Chris Krager’s design/develop/build firm, KRDB. Their one-story Casita 850 model, at 850 square feet, is on the smaller side of their prefabricated options and comes with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

3) Titan Homes

The Mountain Pine 900 cabin is a Champion Home built in Athens, Texas that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

With more than 12 retail locations across Texas, Titan Homes is a factory-direct builder of Champion Homes. Titan builds modular homes and mobile homes in a range of sizes and styles—from tiny houses to triple-wide prefabs—and they serve Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

4) Village Homes

The kitchen in this Village Tiny Homes residence features crisp, simple white cabinets with wood accents for texture and visual interest.

Village Homes in Austin, Texas is a locally owned manufactured and modular home business that serves the surrounding area. As a full-service home dealer, the company works with everyone from contractors to realtors who can help you find just the right plot of land.

5) Kanga Room Systems

This 14' x 16' tiny home serves as a guesthouse for an Austin family, who also use it as a short-term rental during the city’s busy spring and fall seasons.

Serving Austin and Dallas, Kanga Room System designs and manufactures high-quality, prefabricated kits for stand-alone accessory structures for home, ranch, business, and industrial sites. The company offers a variety of DIY kits for cabins, sheds, studios, add-on rooms, storage structures, and children’s playhouses, along with installation services.

6) Brett Zamore Design

Brett Zamore calls the house he designed for David Kaplan the Shot-Trot, now the Kit_00 homes, because it fuses two regional housing types, the shotgun and the dogtrot.

Based in Houston, Texas, Brett Zamore Design has worked on everything from highly customized residential and commercial projects to kit and prefab homes. Their eco-friendly, cost-effective kit homes are rooted in the simplicity of Texas vernacular architecture, and the studio offers seven different plans that can be easily customized depending on each client’s needs and lifestyle.

7) Lake | Flato

A typical Lake|Flato Porch House can be completed in approximately 12 months with construction costs running from $300 to $350 per square foot.

Austin- and San Antonio–based Lake|Flato’s Porch House benefits from a simplified building process—from the early concept phase through to construction. Some Porch Houses are factory-built, while others are assembled from prefabricated components on-site.

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