4 Prefab Home Companies in Louisiana

4 Prefab Home Companies in Louisiana

By Kate Reggev
These prefab and modular homes are ready for the delights of Louisiana’s landscape—and the challenges of its hot, humid climate.

If you’re looking for prefabricated or modular home designers and builders in Louisiana, look no further. These companies are known for producing affordable, quality homes that accommodate Louisiana’s high temperatures, humid weather, and unique topography.

Timberline Homes

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Timberline Homes specializes in affordable modular homes that come in both single-wide and double-wide sizes.

Bolton Homes has served central Louisiana for 20 years. The company is family owned and run, and it offers more than 100 different floor plans. Bolton Homes can also work with homeowners to design a custom-manufactured home.

Santa Monica, California–based LivingHomes designed the CK5.4 New Orleans prefab for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right project in the Lower Ninth Ward. The home is certified LEED Platinum.

From their headquarters in Austin, Texas, MA Modular provides modular homes to Louisiana and Texas, among other states. Their modern homes are typically inspired by local vernacular building types.


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