Plans For a Simple Carport Evolve Into a Rear Addition and See-Through Pool

A straightforward alteration and addition project in Manly, New South Wales, Australia, results in a surprising overhaul of the rear yard.

The owners of The Whyte House—a two-story, Queen Anne-style, semi-detached, heritage-listed building—had wanted to add a carport and awnings to their home. They approached Manly-based architects Buck & Simple and began discussions that ended up evolving into a completely new plan. 

Instead, the alteration expanded to include a new extension that would accommodate a pool, as well as conceal the pool pump and storage area for wet suits and surfboards. 

In the existing house, the interiors were also reconfigured for maximum efficiency. 

The living areas were rearranged and scaled down, while interconnected spaces were incorporated into the floor plan. 

Livings areas and rooms were positioned to allow for social flexibility so that every space could function as a place to either entertain or find some peace and quiet.

The outdoor garden presents a view of the new carport structure, while the living areas look out to the garden. 

This visual interconnectivity is a key element of the design, which maintains a consistent perspective throughout the property. 

Sustainability guided much of the architects’ material choices. 

For the exterior, they chose to use teak and timber that they painted white in order to enhance its durability against harsh weather. 

To create a roof that would be rigid and stable, they used a naturally weathering zinc sheet that's folded in a traditional double-standing seam.

Sandstone from a local quarry was used to add texture, complement the existing heritage elements of the house, and connect the rear yard with the existing home.   


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