10 Perfect Gift Ideas According to Brooklyn Designer Pat Kim

The furniture and home-goods maker shares what he’s eyeing this holiday season.

Everyone wants to give that really great gift: something nice but not too nice; simple but not without thought; intimate, but not weirdly so. For good advice on how to do that, we turned to a master of the artful and approachable, Brooklyn designer Pat Kim of Pat Kim Design.

Kim would know a thing or two about things that are well made. After graduating from Pratt Institute in 2009, he went on to collaborate with Areaware and Design Within Reach, among others, all while crafting his own delightful furnishings and decor at his studio in Red Hook. By exploring experimental methods and traditional craft, Kim creates hand-printed art pieces, kinetic brass sculptures, and other objects of beauty.

This year, we got the scoop on his picks for gifts that are so nice (but not too nice), you may just end up keeping them for yourself.

Pat Kim poses in his studio with a few of his designs.

"I originally started making my Moire prints as gifts for friends and family. Made by inking and rolling a special hand-carved block, each print is handmade and expresses a unique gesture. Each Moire print is a one-of-a-kind impression and a one-of-a-kind gift."

Pat Kim Design Moire 6 Monoprint - Viridian
Each Moire 6 print is a one of a kind impression.

"I’m a big fan of Snow Peak. They have a way of blending industrial processes and design with warmth and function. Their objects are meant for outdoor use, but are elegant enough for the everyday. I think this flask exemplifies all the things I love about them."

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask
Made of Japanese titanium using a historic craftsmanship process, the Titanium Curved Flask is a stylish, ultralight option for liquor storage. Use the Titanium Curved Flask for toast-worthy celebrations in the city or in nature.

"These ornaments I designed for Areaware are a fun reflection of my broader studio practice, which focuses on material experimentation and traditional craft. They were born from little sketch models and form studies I keep at the studio. Having them around can spark inspiration and bring me joy, and I hope they can do the same for others."

Pat Kim Design for Areaware Ornaments
Pat Kim’s wooden ornaments are small, colorful forms adapted from larger scale designs found in his work. Keeping different arrangements of them around his studio, they often act as inspiration for new design ideas.

"I love Chen and Kai’s work for their range; they can make super-experimental pieces with wild new materials and processes they develop themselves. They can also create finely engineered,  precision-machined objects like this pen."

Chen Chen & Kai Williams Spiral Pen
The spiral provides a double function as grip texture as well as the mechanism for attaching the cap. A brass half round in the cap travels along the spiral track.

"My friend Zach’s company Kettl works directly with producers in Japan to bring to the U.S. some of the finest teas available. Not only that, Kettl curates the full experience of tea drinking, purveying all the elements needed to best enjoy the teas. This includes ceramics, incense, and confections like this matcha chocolate, one of the best sweets I’ve had."

Kettl Matcha Chocolate With Roasted Soba Crunch
Our Matcha Chocolate with soba is handcrafted with shade grown, stone milled Japanese matcha, Belgian white chocolate and studded with our crunchy, nutty Nagano Soba Cha (roasted buckwheat).
Kettl Kiwami Matcha
When prepared as koicha expect notes of dark chocolate and melted cream.

"I designed and made these limited-edition tree toppers for Design Within Reach as minimalist, sculptural additions to the holiday landscape. Each is handmade from maple, leather, and brass."

Pat Kim Design Tree Topper
For his sculptural, innovative take on the traditional Christmas tree topper, Brooklyn-based furniture designer Pat Kim revisited the story of the Magi, the Three Wise Men who traveled after the birth of Jesus to bring him gifts.

"The folks at Craighill always amaze me with their ability to make objects that are technically impressive and have a sense of wonder. I love their puzzles and I think they make the perfect gift for someone with restless hands or a person who needs a WFH distraction."

Craighill Venn Puzzle - Carbon Black
A beautiful mechanical puzzle comprising three identical pieces, die-cast in stainless steel and weighing almost 2 pounds. Initially launched in September 2018, the Venn Puzzle is a surprisingly difficult dexterity challenge and an intriguing addition to your desk, shelf, or coffee table.

"You really can’t go wrong with the selection at Mohawk. They have a great eye not only for apparel, but for the home as well. I’m truly looking at Mohawk for my own holiday wish list, especially for accessories like these caps. (Hint hint to my wife.)"

Smock Uneven Dye Velcro Back Cap in Terracotta
A classic snapback style produced in Japan. Features a rectangle-shaped velcro closure that completes the style and elevates functionality. Made from Japanese twill fabric that has been dyed unevenly by hand and dried naturally under the sun without applying any tension to the fabric.

"I never thought of myself as a robe guy until I was gifted one of these. I think that’s one element of a great gift—something you wouldn’t think to get yourself, but has now become a part of your everyday ritual."

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe
Lounge like you mean it. Soft, light and luxurious, this super comfy robe features fluffy 2-ply gauze, a snug waist tie and two hidden side pockets. Made from premium 100% long-staple Turkish cotton and designed to have a relaxed, comfortable fit.

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