Here’s What You 100% Need in Your Pantry According to Bobby Berk

Here’s What You 100% Need in Your Pantry According to Bobby Berk

By Jenny Xie
‘Queer Eye’ star Bobby Berk names the pantry essentials and tools that build healthy eating habits.

Celebrity designer Bobby Berk of Queer Eye fame has just launched a new blog encompassing design, lifestyle, health and wellness, and shopping. In an inaugural post on pantry essentials, Berk outlines his kitchen must-haves, favorite spices, and go-to sauces, explaining, "As much as I try to plan my meals and be prepared, sometimes life gets in the way. When that happens I have two choices, splurge on Postmates (rarely on something healthy) or throw something together with whatever I have in my pantry."

Keep scrolling to see the 21 accessories Berk deems indispensable for the kitchen and pantry, and then head to his post to read the rest. 

Made By Design Kitchen Cabinet Can Organizer
Organize your favorite sodas, soups, canned fruits and more with the Kitchen Cabinet Can Organizer from Made By Design™. This convenient storage rack lets cans gently fall forward as you use them, giving you easy access whenever you need one.
Threshold Stained Acacia 3 Tier Spice Rack
No kitchen is complete without a spice rack, so be sure to add this Stained Acacia 3-Tier Spice Rack from Threshold™. This acacia spice rack blends functionality and style, which keeps your kitchen well-stocked with spices or herbs.
Acacia Wood Top Canister
Practical and elegant, this glass food storage canister is outfitted with a rustic acacia wood top.
Rosti Mepal All-Purpose Kitchen Storage Bowl, Tall
Made in Holland by iconic Dutch brand Rosti Mepal, this practical storage bowl is an all-around kitchen favorite. Designed specifically for a complete circle of use, each bowl can be stored in the freezer or fridge, heated in the microwave (without the lid), and placed on the table for serving.
Anchor Heritage Glass Jar
Whether you're decorating, organizing or prepping gifts, there are a myriad of cute ways you can use this Anchor Heritage Glass Jar.
Made By Design 10" Beech Wood Rolling Pin
The 10-inch Beech Wood Rolling Pin from Made By Design™ is a handy kitchen staple you’ll love using to hone your baking skills. The wooden rolling pin is great for crushing cookies and crackers for toppings, or to roll out cookie, bread or pie dough.
Made By Design Beech Wood Turner
The Beech Wood Turner from Made By Design™ makes it easier than ever to flip your favorite foods. It’s perfect for pancakes, eggs, bacon, hamburger patties, fish and so much more, making it the perfect addition to your culinary collection.
Weck 1L Deco Jar
This classic canning jar from Germany is perfect for storing jellies and jams created from your own garden. Attractive and practical, you’ll reuse it year after year. Rubber rings and metal clamps included.
Folded Leather Basket
Handmade from chic leather, this spacious basket offers a modern storage solution for blankets, books, toys, and more.
Made By Design Food Storage Container With Snap Lid
Perfect for cereal, oats, rice and other dry goods, this Plastic Food Storage Container with Snap Lid from Made By Design™ will make a great addition to your pantry or kitchen counter. Clear sides make it easy to see what’s inside, and an indented back lets you easily lift and hold the container.
Made By Design Square Food Storage Container
From sugar, oats or flour to dry beans, rice or pasta, the Clear Plastic Food Storage Container from Made By Design™ will be your go-to food storage solution.  This simple, clear canister has a clean look and stackable design to save you space.
Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Food Storage Jars
Improve your kitchen's aesthetic appeal with the Spice Storage Jar Set from Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia.  These decorative spice jars come with an easy-to-open wood wire bail lid that keeps moisture away to keep your favorite spices, herbs and condiments fresh and flavorsome.  Made...
Made By Design Kitchen Cabinet Basket Organizer
Keep cooking supplies, ripening produce or any other kitchen essentials in one convenient location with the help of the Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Basket from Made By Design™.  This handy storage basket provides plenty of space without monopolizing a shelf or counter, so you can create an...
Made By Design Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Corner Shelf
Keep essential kitchen items organized but still within reach with the help of a Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Cabinet Storage from Made By Design™.  This two-tiered storage shelf provides plenty of space for plates, glasses, spices and anything else you want to store — without monopolizing space...
Nested Teak Measuring Cups
Handcrafted in Thailand by local artisans, these beautiful polished teak measuring cups elevate your cake-making and do double duty as miniature condiment bowls.
Made By Design Open Front Stackable Basket
Add easy organization to your kitchen with the Open Front Stackable Basket from Made By Design™. This metal kitchen basket gives you a sleek storage solution to hold anything from fruits and veggies to your dishcloths and kitchen towels.
Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser
With a brushed-gold, weighted dispenser tip that opens on its own, this recycled glass vessel is a perfect stove-side addition.  Photo Courtesy of Terrain...
Threshold Round Cutting Board
With the Two-Tone Wood Inlay Round Cutting Board from Threshold™, you never have to decide between function and style.
Threshold Round Glass Spice Jar
Store your spices and herbs in sleek style with the Round Glass Spice Jar with Copper Metal Lid from Threshold™. This storage jar comes with a tight-fitting copper lid to keep your ingredients perfectly fresh.
Rustic Linen Apron
Clean lines and big pockets make this soft linen apron perfect for everyday use.
Weck 0.5L Jar - Set of 6
These classic canning jars from Germany are perfect for storing jellies and jams created from your own garden. Attractive and practical, you’ll reuse them year after year as charming drinking cups, vases, or storage vessels.

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