A Wine Holder For Your Bike—and 14 Other Ways to Picnic Like a Wes Anderson Character
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A Wine Holder For Your Bike—and 14 Other Ways to Picnic Like a Wes Anderson Character

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By Duncan Nielsen
Whether you’re camping in style, bringing a spread to the park, or hosting a backyard cookout, our picks from Food52’s outdoor collection are sure to set the scene.

With spring knocking at the door and warmer weather on the horizon, the outdoor season is finally coming into focus. Picture grilled veggies, chilled rosé, and a light breeze atop your favorite throw at the beach or park. What better way to lean into the sunshine than a picnic or barbecue with good company? Whether you’re kicking back one afternoon—or getting away for an entire weekend—check out these open-air essentials from Food52.

Uashmama Roma Black Weekend Bag
One for the road. Smooth, leather-like paper meets soft-and-sturdy canvas handles in this tote’s simple, stylish design.
Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Pack
Cool it.  What better way to keep things cool than with a good-looking stainless steel ice pack? We prefer it over fussing with leaking bags of ice, and it fits nicely in our picnic baskets. So a cold beer is never far.
Match Berti Italian Pocket Knives
Tools that make the cut.  Handmade in Italy since 1895, each Berti knife is created by one artisan from start to finish—the initials of the artist appear on the blade. Each hand-forged blade is exceptionally sharp and, with proper care, will last for generations.
Millie Lottie Etta Food and Picnic Tote With Cutting Board
Totes adorable.  When life’s a picnic, you come prepared: This insulated tote keeps food cold (or hot) and has a wide, flat base that lets you carry anything (maybe a bread pudding?) without letting your precious cargo tip to the side—the bane of every picnic—and then comes out of the bag to...

Fredericks & Mae Bocce Set
It’s bocce time.  With roots in ancient Rome, bocce is a game that’s stood the test of time—the rules are pretty straightforward, but it takes real skill to master bocce.
Uashmama Wine Bag and Cooler
Brown-bagging.  Bring your own bottle in style with Uashmama’s light-as-air wine bag. Made in Italy from water- and stain-resistant paper, each bag is stretched and tanned to look just like leather.
Ekobo Recycled Bamboo Picnic Set
Make your picnic a real, well, picnic.  Ah, the picnic plating dilemma: can’t bring your normal dishware, don’t want to use flimsy paper or plastic... what is an outdoor host to do? Well, pamper your guests with these lightweight yet sturdy and stylish pieces, that’s what.
Primus Litech Lightweight Camp Cookware
Dinner is served.  Emphasis on lightweight, this outdoor cookware is meant to be easily portable, super efficient, and a cinch to clean up. These camping heroes are crafted from high-quality, hard anodized aluminum and have a nonstick ceramic coating on the interior—the result is...
OneLogFire Portable Log Fire
Take your fire to-go.  Now we're ready for beach party fires, campfires, or just cozy nights in winter. Using kiln dried logs that burn from the inside, this portable log is easy to light.
W&P Design Porter Bottle
Upgrade everyday hydration with the Porter Bottle.
Olli Ella Rattan Bike Basket
Don’t forget to accessorize. For days when you want to peddle to the beach or park with a little lunch to-go, this handmade rattan basket is just the thing. Not only is it cute-as-all-get-out, it’s also got a long (and handily adjustable) canvas strap with brass hardware for easy toting.
Pedal Happy Bicycle-Mounted Wine Holder
Wine on wheels. What’s better than a glass of wine? A bottle strapped to a bicycle to open at an impromptu picnic destination—that’s what! An entire bottle fits in this stainless steel holder, which attaches to any bicycle.  The bottle comes with a handcrafted vegan tanned leather strap.
Fancy Panz To-Go Casserole Carrier (Set of 2)
Luck of the potluck.  The scenario: you’ve baked a giant gratin in a disposable aluminum pan and you’re in the car on the way to the potluck. The pan is bending and flopping all over the place making the ride a very anxious one.
Turkish T Carry Handle Striped Beach Throw
Beach day, handled. This big and easy striped throw is ready to drop everything and head to the beach at the drop of a straw hat.
Primus Kamoto Folding Fire Pit & Open Fire Pan
All fired up.  There’s something so primitively satisfying about an open fire—the crackle, the woodsmoke, staring into the flames and feeling all nostalgic.