Nendo Puts a New Spin on the Whiteboard in the Workplace

Nendo Puts a New Spin on the Whiteboard in the Workplace

By Dwell and Matthew Keeshin
The Japanese studio designs a rolling office fixture for its latest installation.

While digital surfaces are now becoming easier to write on and technology is more integrated in workplaces, the whiteboard is still an object that drives learning and brainstorming. So it was only a matter of time until it took on a new form. Japanese design studio Nendo is set to show a new installation with rolling whiteboards for Orgatec, the office furniture trade show, in Cologne, Germany. 

Nendo designed a new whiteboard for an installation at Orgatec, an office furniture trade show in Cologne, Germany from October 25th—October 29th. 

 Instead of hanging up on a wall, the circular form rolls around and fits into desks, benches, and counter-height tables. Each piece of furniture is built with a cut made into it to stabilize the board. The whiteboard isn’t just a surface to write on, but also acts as a room divider or shelf. The back of it is finished with sound-absorbing fabric. The furniture has a dual function as bicycle stands for commuters to easily park their bikes directly in the office.

The slots made in the table accommodate a bicycle for commuters and various whiteboards to divide up space in the office. 

Two benches with slots are filled by the rolling whiteboards as walls. 

By changing one element of the office, Nendo suggests that the workplace can be a more active and multifunctional space. 


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