Studio Visit: Canoe Goods

Studio Visit: Canoe Goods

By Dwell / Photos by Benjamin Rasmussen
Canoe Goods founder Natalie Davis takes us behind the scenes of her creative process.

The Southwest 

Natalie Davis, Founder of modern leather studio Canoe Goods

Austin, Texas

I started doing leatherwork in 2009. I had been working in textiles and with wood, but I had recently moved back to Texas, and I kept coming across really beautiful tooled leather boots, saddles, and briefcases. It just kind of snowballed from there.

Here, I’m making our Sol pouf, which is based on a fractured sun design that I created. First, I stitch the individual pieces, and then it’s all put together and stuffed. Most of my design work is inspired by my personal aesthetic and my background.

I’m Arab-American, and a lot of the textiles and home goods that I grew up with have very ornate, elaborate geometric patterns. I tend to take that and edit it down in my brain until I create a lot of negative space. It’s a more modern take on pattern work.


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