A Modern Home Embraces Nature With a Unique L-Shaped Design

A Modern Home Embraces Nature With a Unique L-Shaped Design

By Michele Koh Morollo
To the west of Mexico City, a striking retreat is nestled among a lush forest and an enchanting lake.

Designed by Derek Dellekamp, Jachen Schleich, and Ándres Palomino of local studio Dellekamp Arquitectos, the 7,500-square-foot house is located in the delightful lakeside town of Valle de Bravo. 

Featuring exterior walls composed of vertical cement slabs and large glass sliding doors, the team has thoughtfully combined the concrete volumes with stone to create a sleek L-shaped structure.

Concrete, stone, and glass have been combined to merge in with the surrounding landscape.

A single roof connects the concrete volumes. 

A wooden staircase leads up to the entrance of the house.

The terrace is visible as soon as one enters the property. It draws arriving guests into the heart of the home where they can instantly connect with the outdoors. 

The L-shaped layout embraces a patch of a private garden where the owners can lounge in the sunshine, picnic on the property, and take in views of the nearby lake.

The living area, which is connected to an outdoor terrace, provides ample room for entertaining. 

The interiors boast a chic, contemporary feel.

Along the longest volume, the architects have inserted patios so the existing trees on the site can seamlessly become a part of the design.

Thresholds that lead to the garden.

Pockets of courtyard-like spaces have been inserted into the longest volume to preserve the existing trees and allow for more natural light to pour into the interiors.

A cloistered interior corridor links all the different rooms within the house. 

A closer look at how the trees and native vegetation have become part of the architecture.

"The patios at the ends of the house are left open to the landscape, and evoke the feeling of ruins," says Derek Dellekamp, the founder of the studio.

A floor-plan drawing.

Another drawing.

Project Credits: 

Architecture: Dellekamp Arquitectos 

Builder: Constructora TUCA SA 

Structural engineering: Oscar Trejo Martinez 

Landscape design: Ambiente Arquitectos Associados 

Lighting design: Luz en Arquitectura 

Interior design: Ideas Dec 

Sound engineering: Xicotencatl Ladron de Guevara 

Cabinetry: Mic Mac 


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