Top 5 Homes of the Week With Inviting Bedrooms

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Inviting Bedrooms

By Samantha Daly
As the weather gets even colder, we can't help but think about curling back up in bed. Take a look at these exceptional residences from the Dwell community with bedrooms we wouldn't mind coming home to.

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1. Santísimo House

The intimacy of Casa Santísimo is exemplified in the bedroom—JJRR Arquitectura installed warm wood walls to contrast with the serene forest views. 

Architect: JJRR Arquitectura, Location: Mexico City, Mexico

From the architect: "The challenge in this project is to preserve the essence of the original house... with a large central courtyard [and the] traditional colonial hacienda characteristics of the houses in San Angel. In turn, we complemented the architectural program with a contemporary touch in such a way that respects the essence and style of the original house. To achieve this result, we think of materials such as wood, flattened whitewash, volcanic stone, glass, as well as giving importance to vegetation, with the intention of differentiating the new part from the original part of the house and achieving a good dialogue between both."

2. The Prinseneiland House

Dorien Knegt's vision comes to life in all areas of The Prinseneiland House. The window of this sage-colored bedroom faces into the interior of the home.

Architect: Dorien Knegt, Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

From the photographer/project uploader: "On a sought-after idyllic island in the center of Amsterdam, an old warehouse—formerly used as a pillow factory and a garage—has been converted into a warm and eclectic family home."

3. Spa Creek House

The roof of the wooden "box" portion of GriD's Spa Creek House contains the lofty master bedroom. The covered balcony enjoys commanding views across the creek to the historic district of Annapolis, Maryland.

Architect: GriD, Location: Annapolis, Maryland

From the architect: "The house’s preeminent focus is on its promenade and connection to the waterfront. The desire for connectivity is equally about views and physical access. In order to set the stage for this, the program elements are layered across the site with ‘private’ support spaces arrayed toward the street and along the landward property lines. The more 'public' living spaces are dispersed closer to the water. Support spaces live tightly packed within one of two platonic metal boxes, and living spaces are associated with a stepped wood volume, which hovers over the living room and projects out to the water. The contrast between these complimentary volumes is amplified by the subtle angle with which the wood box shifts to follow the property line, running along the southern edge of the lot. This allows the living spaces on both levels—living room on the ground and master bedroom on the upper—to open up expansively, rendering them spatially dynamic."

4. Ninh Binh House

HGAA ensured that all the rooms of the home have a direct view of nature. The windows in the bedroom of the Ninh Binh House provide light and ventilation, while the outside greenery helps create the privacy needed for the interior space.

Architect: HGAA, Location: Ninh Binh, Vietnam

From the architect: "Located in a Vietnamese city famous for its French colonial-style villas, the house creates a bold impression, while giving the people a living space close to nature."

5. A Modernist Farmhouse

Henkin Shavit's modernist farmhouse combines traditional and modern with its high ceilings, singular color palette, and its organization of private and public spaces.

Architect: Henkin Shavit, Location: Udim, Israel

From the architect: "The house is a complex which connects two single-story ‘houses’ that serve the parent unit program, children's unit, parking, guest bathroom, and kitchen. Connecting the houses was done by a shed—a light structure that combines glass, wood, and steel and serves the program of dining and accommodation. The outdoor area incorporates a front garden and an adjacent ramp leading to the parking area as well as the guest access road (by foot), and between the back garden, which includes a swimming pool, hospitality areas, and different points of view to the rear plantation plot."

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