Trend Report: Bathroom Fixtures Go Bold in a Rainbow of Retro Hues

Trend Report: Bathroom Fixtures Go Bold in a Rainbow of Retro Hues

We’re loving the recent spate of vintage-inspired, candy-colored bath fixtures.

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, words like "punchy" and "vibrant" don’t immediately come to mind, but the growing trend of colorful sinks, tubs, toilets, and other fittings is working to change that. Though the color palette takes cues from the 1950s and ’60s—think Pepto Bismol pink and avocado green—the minimalist forms and playful textures are decidedly of the moment. Get ready to brighten up your bathroom with our favorite designs below.

The Mahdavi Collection by India Mahdavi for Bisazza Bagno

Bisazza's Mahdavi Collection was designed by India Mahdavi, who selected playful colors like strawberry, blueberry, and pistachio for the line.

Known primarily for their tile, Italian brand Bisazza asked India Mahdavi to design a line of bathroom fixtures as a follow-up to her 2015 tile collection for the company. Realizing that nearly all fixtures were white, she opted for a playful color palette of pinks, blues, and greens. The line includes a tub, sink, and mirror that all feature rounded edges, made of polished fiberglass.

The collection of bathroom fixtures includes a wall-mounted sink and vanity, a bathtub, and a round mirror.

The triangular pattern on the Vos sink adds texture and depth to its appearance.

From the British design and manufacturing company Kast comes a line of concrete wash basins that are available in 28 different colors and a variety of sizes, textures, and styles. The concrete basins are cast using techniques that combine the strength and characteristics of natural stone with the flexibility of the concrete mixture, and the results allow for durability, smooth finishes, unique patterns, and a surprising color palette.

Cero offers an offset vanity and a circular bowl.

The Studio vanity unit from Swoon was designed so that it works well in both small and large bathrooms, with lots of flexibility in terms of color, basin, wall or floor mount, and with or without a tap or faucet hole for wall-mount or regular faucet locations.

Swoon’s Studio bathroom furniture series features a vanity unit designed by Fredrik Wallner topped with a ceramic vanity top from Italian company Globo, and designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The line emphasizes flexibility in size and color: the vanity comes in four sizes, and while the sink basin itself is only available in white, matte black, and matte gray, the vanity piece comes in 15 colors, from lime green to deep burgundy. What’s more, the legs of the vanity are optional and can have a metal, white, or black finish.

Swoon's Studio line of bathroom vanities are simple and minimalist, with slender legs and a single-pull drawer for the vanity.

Available in 10 different shades, the sink basins from Nood Co's concrete sinks are come as a vanity set or in several different shapes, including "pill"-shaped, trough, circular bowl, and a rectilinear box.

Based in Australia, Nood Co is known for their concrete products including furniture and housewares, and have worked to develop a line of concrete sink basins that feature their typical curved forms and muted but eye-catching colors ranging from charcoal to blush pink. The concrete basins feature a high level of water tolerance and abrasion resistance, meaning that they will withstand stains and heavy use, despite their thin profile.

The subdued shades of Nood's palette include Clay (shown above in the Vesl Rectangle) and Teal (shown above in the Vesl Square).

This wall-mount sink from Whyte & Company provides adequate space on the sides for washing up or getting ready. Its Granny Smith apple color makes a bright statement.

Made in the United States, Whyte & Company produces made-to-order bathroom and kitchen sinks and basins from their proprietary blend of stone minerals, liquid pigment, and resin. The resulting composite material is formed into a variety of different sink types including undermount, overmount, vessel, single-basin, and double-basin. Their sinks are available in nearly 30 different colors that err on the side of intense and energetic, like lime green, tangerine, and teal.

The Finn sink from Whyte & Company is featured here in plum, a vibrant purple color. Whyte & Company's sinks are available in nearly 30 different colors.



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