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Québec, Canada
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  • Minimaliste
  • Québec, Canada
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    Minimaliste is a tiny house builder from Quebec, Canada. We are a young and creative team who’s working hard to give people the best lifestyle they can have, with less.

    Your home represents your everyday, and going tiny is quite a life changer, for good! We present you today the Sakura : a tiny house on wheels with overall dimensions of 10 ½ ft X 32 ft, for a total of 380 sq/ft (including loft space). Built to resist hard winters and hot summers, we can assure you that this house is very performant.


    ‘’First things first, a weak foundation doesn’t make a good home ; it has to be solid. That’s why the Sakura sits on a galvanized steel trailer. It offers great protection against rust, making your trailer last way longer.‘’
    Minimaliste create custom tiny houses and work hard to realise a house that will represent their clients and passions. This client asked for a blue accent for the exterior to give a unique look. The cedar siding and ‘’Prestige’’ metal sheets make a great finish that will last very long and require less maintenance.


    ‘’ One of our favorite place in the house is actually outside the house: the rooftop. We installed a red cedar terrace that is accessible by the 40’ X 40’ skylight in the loft. ‘’ For summer days, it’s the perfect spot to relax with some friends and catch some sun !


    ‘’Because Minimaliste is always on a development process, we give ourselves the mission to be aware of the upcoming technologies in terms of construction methods, eco-features and energy. Thereupon, the Sakura is a 4 season product, but what makes it different from the others is that we applied the acquired skills from our Ecological building design certificate with SolutionEra. What does it bring us? We reach a new performance level in terms of airtightness, soundproofing and building insulation.’’ A better construction in terms of performance can be expensive at first but so costwise on the long term !


    Except for the blue metal sheeting, the client had no restriction for the design, so we had to make all the color, material and design choices. ‘’The design process for the interior finish is a hard labor. It starts with the architectural plans, evolves through the construction and ends up with the classic Minimaliste touch.’’ We choose a barn wood effect for the accent and we think that it makes a great contrast with the white pine wood walls. What the team is the more proud of is that the Sakura is all custom made.

    The Sakura also has a LOT of storage space : under the bed, in the wall separation, under the couch units and more. We also created a very comfy reading loft, where you can enjoy an amazing view outside by the skylight and long windows on the side. The team also design a custom convertible table and a space saving/storage stairs, very useful!


    ‘’They are essentials elements that give life to the whole house. The challenge with tiny houses is to manage to fit considerable size installations in considerably small space.’’

    This tiny house has many features; Lunos air exchanger with heat recovery system, hydronic radiant floor, full size bath with a 40gal water heater tank, composting toilet, AC unit, all in one washer/dryer, water filtration system and more.

    ‘’For the Sakura and any other home that’s meant for cold climate, the hydronic radiant floor is a must have. We are the first tiny-house company to offer that type of system.’’


    ‘’The whole project is a result of countless hours of brainstorming and we racked our brains with all the space-saving features. ‘’ It is a great pleasure to present you the Sakura ! Hope you like it and get inspired by it !


    Instagram: @minimaliste.tinyhouses

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    Terrace Photo 2 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home


    Bed storage Photo 3 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Bed storage

    Modern home with Living Room, Coffee Tables, and Bench. Convertible table and couch Photo 4 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura

    Convertible table and couch

    Space saving stairs Photo 7 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Space saving stairs

    Reading loft  Photo 12 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Reading loft

    Black pipe railing Photo 13 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Black pipe railing

    Black pipe Photo 14 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Black pipe

    Bamboo counter Photo 15 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Bamboo counter

    cedar roof & cheker plate bath walls Photo 16 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    cedar roof & cheker plate bath walls

    Compost toilet Photo 17 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Compost toilet

    Cheker plate walls Photo 18 of Tiny house on wheels - The Sakura modern home

    Cheker plate walls

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