Meet a Spanish Creative Studio That Turns Everything Into Colorful Eye Candy

The Valencia-based creative consultancy Masquespacio blends interior design and marketing in order to create innovative branded projects.

The multi-talented founders, Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, work together to create design-forward experiences in a variety of unique spaces. The creative duo have a well-rounded portfolio, but what connects each of their projects is their use of bold colors, graphic patterns, unexpected design elements, and thoughtful architectural features—all of which transform ordinary spaces into fearless interiors. 

From redefining the norm of what a school should look like to developing retail concepts that visually engage customers in next-level ways, Masquespacio is challenging the popularity of minimalism with their bolder-is-better approach. 

Below, we explore five wild interiors that capture the signature statements of their work.  

Workspace: Masquespacio Offices 

With such cutting-edge projects under their belt, it’s to be expected that the workspace of the agency itself would have a noteworthy appearance. The use of on-trend color palettes, well-designed furniture, plant life, and decorative accents create an office atmosphere that constantly delivers inspiration while working on client-based projects. 

Education: 2Day Languages

The structure of a typical school has been reimagined in the boldest of ways by introducing specific design elements. This Spanish establishment targets young adults who want to study language in a creative environment. Pastels paired with blonde-wood elements turn these classrooms into visually pleasing spaces that are conducive of interactive learning. 

Retail: Gnomo

A traditional retail store presented a new challenge: crafting a space that highlights a variety of different products without the interiors clashing or becoming overwhelming. A granite floor with glossy-white walls allows for the custom-made display tables to shine while showcasing the specialized items for sale. By introducing carefully placed plants and pops of color, a playful contrast is put front and center. 

Hospitality: Valencia Lounge Hostel

This unique space is filled with typical features that are common in 20th-century homes, including vintage cement tiles and ceilings with plaster moldings. Finding a way to reinvent the space into a contemporary interior while maintaining its roots was achieved, thanks to the use of distinct decorative features that will appeal to each individual guest during their travels. Each room has its own special personality, which has given the Valencia Lounge Hostel a customized flair. 

Food: Kessalao

Drawing from the Mediterranean cuisine served at the German location, the designers were inspired by the natural ingredients used in the dishes and opted to use materials such as pinewood and raffia to reflect this. The combination of a German color palette and laid-back Mediterranean accents created a modern result that balances the different geographical lifestyles. 


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