Achieve Organizational Nirvana With These Space-Saving Kitchen Accessories

Achieve Organizational Nirvana With These Space-Saving Kitchen Accessories

We pulled together 22 containers and tools that will transform your pantry—and give you that “ahh” feeling.

Kitchen space is a precious commodity, but with the right organizational tools you can open up a world of possibilities. Our top picks will help you alphabetize your spices, clip your chip bags, and wrangle baking supplies with stackable storage containers. Your new kitchen (and a new you) starts here.

Blomus OBAR Kitchen Multi-Storage Rack
Keep some of the most important kitchen tools together in one spot with the Blomus OBAR Kitchen Multi-Storage Rack. Great for keeping a roll of paper towels, a roll of cellophane or foil, or perhaps parchment paper, within reach of cooking surfaces for easier access.
Brightroom Plastic Food Storage Container
From sugar, oats or flour to dry beans, rice or pasta, the Clear Plastic Food Storage Container from Made By Design will be your go-to food storage solution. This simple, clear canister has a clean look and stackable design to save you space.
Yamazaki Home Tower Pantry Container
The indispensable spice dispenser.   These spice racks are cleverly designed so that the matching canisters can be stored on the top or bottom—why not both? Store all your most-used spices next to your stove for top-chef level speed.
Planetary Design Airscape Acrylic Canisters
Contain your excitement. These canisters go beyond mere airtightness: As you push down the lids they actually remove air from around your food and seal it up, giving you the best preservation possible. Oh, and they’re lightweight and easily stackable. Crowded cabinet, do your worst.
Open Spaces Medium Storage Bins - Set of 2
Tidy up any room with multipurpose storage for the shelf, pantry, and more.
The Floral Society Multi-Purpose Canvas Wall Organizer
Everything in its place. This heavy-gauge cotton canvas hanger looks great in any room around the house, which is apt, because it’s also perfect for organizing any room around the house. With durable compartments in a variety of sizes, it can hold a humongous variety of doodads and whatsits.
Hay Sowden Tin
This colorful steel container comes with a fitted lid in contrasting hues. Suitable for storing coffee and other dry foods. 
Nils Strinning String Chef Kitchen
In the late 1940s, Swedish publishing house Bonnier decided to encourage the public to display more books at home, so it sponsored an international bookshelf competition. Out of 194 entries received from around the globe, first prize was awarded to architect and designer Nils Strinning.
Yamazaki Home Tower Measuring Storage Container
Made to measure (and pour). You can give your measuring cups a rest...this handy storage container has you covered. It’s got 12 compartments for your go-to grains, and—get this—each one holds exactly 3/4 cup (perfect for when you’re whipping up a pot of rice, quinoa, lentils, or oatmeal).
Rejuvenation Brookside Rail System
Designed with a customizable array of functional and versatile components, the Brookside Rail System is the perfect addition to any kitchen, pantry, garage, or workspace.
Planetary Design Airscape Ceramic Canisters
Signed, sealed, delivered. From the makers of that brilliant push-down canister seal comes a ceramic model we know you’ll love: Its opaque design is perfect for keeping coffee and tea out of the sun, and its bamboo lids are a pretty, organic complement to the white ceramic base.
The Container Store Hermetic Glass Storage Jar
The traditional Glass Storage Jars have airtight bail & seal closures to hermetically seal out air and moisture. From freezer to countertop, use them for dry, fresh or leftover foods.
Joseph Joseph Under Shelf Drawer and Wrap Organizer Set
Just when we thought we were running out of precious cabinet space, these go-getters came and proved us wrong. Each one is designed to pop right onto a shelf, no tools required, so you can use the open space underneath.
Threshold Wood 3-Tier Expandable Spice Rack
Bring convenience to food prep and organize your kitchen with the Wood 3-Tier Expandable Spice Rack from Threshold.
Neat Method Grid Storage Basket
Not your average baskets. Grid baskets are true heroes when it comes to organizing, and the folks at Neat Method thought of everything with these.
Anchor Hocking Heritage Glass Jar
Whether you're decorating, organizing or prepping gifts, there are a myriad of cute ways you can use this glass jar.
Like-it Stackable Storage Baskets
They really stack up. We never knew baskets could be so talented. Each helper here was made in Japan and has a super-stackable design that lets you customize your storage space.
Weck Mold Jar, 19.6 Oz (Set of 6)
Weck glass jars have been a mainstay in European kitchens since 1900, when German merchant Johann Weck pioneered the science of water-bath canning. Weck jars are still a reliable favorite of European home cooks for preserving and storing foods.
Brightroom Plastic Food Storage Container With Snap Lid
Perfect for cereal, oats, rice and other dry goods, this Plastic Food Storage Container with Snap Lid from Made By Design will make a great addition to your pantry or kitchen counter. Clear sides make it easy to see what’s inside, and an indented back lets you easily lift and hold the container.
Yamazaki Home Tower Rolling Cart - Steel
Wheel good fun! Keep this ultra-slim storage cart stocked with oils, spices, or anything you need close at hand as you cook. Moveable hooks can be used for hanging tools and utensils. Casters on the base make it easy to pull out for use and store when finished. Great for the bathroom and kitchen.
Planetary Design Opaque Airtight Coffee Storage Containers
For your best beans. Coffee beans start to lose their flavor and freshness the second they come out of the roaster, and that process speeds up as soon as they’re exposed to air and light.

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