Wellness Guru Joanne Encarnacion’s Blissful A-Frame Eichler

Wellness Guru Joanne Encarnacion’s Blissful A-Frame Eichler

By Jen Woo
Pay a visit to the Bay Area’s Castro Valley to tour the sunny home and headquarters of women’s health and lifestyle coach, Joanne Encarnacion.

Built in 1962, the double A-frame Eichler where health and lifestyle coach Joanne Encarnacion resides with her husband and two daughters is nestled in a neighborhood of Eichlers—a dream-come-true for her. Growing up in Sunnyvale, California, she was surrounded by them; and now as an adult, she is thrilled to be immersed in beautiful design every time she comes home.

The atrium, one of the main distinguishing features of Eichler homes, connects the two A-frames.

Encarnacion's living room is warm and cozy, with floor cushions under the table for extra seating. "One of my favorite pieces in the house is this brass table that is in the living room," she tells us. "When our diffuser is on it, it looks like a person doing Warrior 2 pose."

Encarnacion has created a balanced sanctuary where she works—both she and her husband, Jon, each have their own offices on opposites sides of an atrium facing each other—and spends time with her family lounging in the sun, snuggling with their pup, Zoey, and helping her two daughters with their homework.

A hanging rattan chair is often used as a reading nook. 

Encarnacion splits her time between partnerships and events for her successful blog, GOFITJO; clients; and her wedding photo business with her husband. She’s working her dream job, but that wasn’t always the case. She was a hair stylist for 10 years, then worked at photo editing app VSCO for five years, where she was the director of community support, and later of curation. It was there that she experienced an onset of anxiety and depression due to a lack of self care. 

A positive affirmation hangs in Encarnacion's office. 

"I put myself last," she says. "It wasn’t until I started my own journey to health did I realize how imperative it was for me to put my wellbeing before all others in order to create success in my life and career." 

GOFITJO started as a passion project to document her journey through self discovery, self love, and personal growth. After VSCO, she went back to school and started her private practice as a women’s health and lifestyle coach. Since then, she’s been named one of top 20 wellness role models by Thrive and Ariana Huffington— as well as a next-gen wellness superstar by Well + Good. This summer, she modeled for Gap in their Body Love campaign, and has a project coming up with Adidas next year. 

"A space in my house that I love is our bougie breakfast nook with the fancy marble table and brass pedestal bottom," says Encarnacion.

The dining room holds framed art, including a photo by her husband, that they've been meaning to hang.

Currently, however, she’s focusing on her house. They moved in February 2018, and only recently have had the time to put in finishing touches to feel settled and at home. A hectic schedule led to her to work with Mackenzie Collier Interiors to bring all of their Pinterest board dreams into reality. 

Moons adorn the walls of the airy bedroom, along with soothing hues for bedtime bliss.

"I can’t help but giggle every time I see the bedroom credenza because Jon was so hesitant about it," says Encarnacion. "He felt it was too 'extra.' I was like, 'Come on, we’re grown-ass folks—we need something fun and bold. The moment it arrived, he was like, 'You know, I really love it.'"

The hair stylist-turned-brand strategist-turned-health influencer is constantly on the move, scheming for her next project, and her space bubbles with the same lively pulse through bold patterns, statement pieces, and feel-good elements like crystals, plants, and a Saje diffuser in every room. 

The living room exudes a bit of glam with jewel tones and gilded details. 

Jon's office is where he spends his days editing photos. 

Touches of marble, rattan, greens, blues, and mustard permeate the furnishings in a palette that's bold but maintains a sense of calm. The goal was to create a space that was beautifully designed, but didn't feel like a showroom.

Airis, 14, has her own room room that's just as stylish as the rest of the house with modern boho vibes. 

In 8-year-old Olivia's room, minimalist bookshelves and a comfy hideaway make for the perfect retreat.

We want people to feel like they can let their hair down, pour a glass of wine, talk out all their drama, and leave our house refreshed.

—Joanne Encarnacion

The bookshelf across from the breakfast nook holds favorite books, crystals, plants, and vintage cameras. 

Every corner of the home is filled with carefully selected elements that make "her heart sing," from the plants in the corner of her office, to the stones on the bookshelf in the breakfast nook, to her husband’s guitar and ukulele in the corner of her living room. 

On warm days, Encarnacion can be found lounging in her hammock in the backyard. 

"It all speaks to a soul level," says Encarnacion. "The energy in our house is pretty special. All the doors, windows, and light that comes into the house washes away a lot of the day-to-day B.S. we accumulate in life, and I love that." 

Encarnacion and Zoey soak up some sun in her office. 

Photography by Gillian Walsworth (@gillianwalsworth) and Sothear Nuon (@shotbysalt)

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