How to Make Your Towels Last Longer

How to Make Your Towels Last Longer

By Parachute
Stay fresh and clean with Parachute’s first ever bath towel collection. Loomed from premium long-staple Turkish cotton using innovative Aerocotton Technology, these new towels were designed with softness, absorbency and durability top of mind.

To help maximize the features and benefits of these new home essentials, we’ve put together a guide on how to care for towels—from laundering to hanging—so you get the most out of bathing with the best. 

What to Avoid 

To maintain the premium quality and performance of your towels, avoid fabric softeners and bleaching agents because they coat the natural fibers. Also keep your towels away from household cleaners and personal care products that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids because these may cause discoloration. 

Do not wash your towels with items that could pull or snag the fabric. These include clothing with zippers, hooks or Velcro. For best results, dedicate the load of wash to towels only. 

Pro tip: In the event of a snagged loop on your towel, resist the urge to pull it. Simply cut the loop with scissors.

Parachute Classic Towels
Stay fresh and clean with our super soft and absorbent Towels, loomed from premium long-staple Turkish cotton.
Allswell Stonewashed Waffle Towels - White
A waffle weave gives this towel not only a luxe look and feel, but also plenty of practicality: its grooves enable it to absorb water like a sponge (just pat and wrap — no rubbing needed). And thanks to our special stonewashing process, it’s ultra-soft — and will only get more so with each wash.
Onsen Bath Bundle
A soft, plush towel that improves on a towel’s two main jobs: drying your body and drying itself. With an oversized waffle weave made with long-staple cotton, drying off with the Onsen Towel is like experiencing the type of softness hotel towels can only dream of. When you combine that with the...


We recommend washing after every third use. To launder, use cold water and just a small amount of detergent, as soap build up inhibits drying performance. Prevent pilling—which occurs when long fibers rub against short fibers—by dedicating your load of wash solely to your bath items and washing different color towels separately.

Five Two Wool Dryer Balls
Dryer balls are laundry’s miracle workers, hopping along with each load, bringing forth fluffier towels, softer sheets, and less-wrinkly shirts while also cutting down on drying time by 25%.
Grove Collaborative Laundry Essentials Set
Give your laundry routine an eco refresh with our plastic-reducing detergent and dispenser set, plus reusable wool dryer balls and our collapsible, 100% organic cotton laundry tote.
Yamazaki Tower Laundry Hamper
Founded in Japan more than 100 years ago, Yamazaki started out as a family business that specialized in the manufacture of ironing boards. Today, the company produces a variety of clever pieces that address everyday organizational needs.


Before drying, give your towels a shake to fluff up the fabric. Tumble dry on low (high heat damages the fabric) and remove promptly, because over-drying creates brittle fibers. If you prefer the fresh scent of air dried linens, try these steps to avoid a stiff feeling: 

  • After shaking, hang one short end over the clothesline and clip.
  • Remove the towel from the clothesline when just slightly damp and insert it into the dryer for a final fluff.
  • Always make sure your towels are completely dry before folding and storing.
Whirlpool HybridCare Clothes Dryer with Hybrid Heat Pump Technology
Energy Star Certified, the dryer uses "true ventless" heat pump dryer technology and can be installed anywhere in a home. The system dries and recycles the hot, moist air produced during a typical cycle, instead of venting hot air outside. It's about 70 percent more efficient that pre-2004 dryers.
Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Electric Dryer With PredictiveDry and Instant Refresh
The Electrolux Perfect Steam electric dryer with Predictive Dry has a more precise sensor to protect fabrics from overdrying. Remove wrinkles and quickly refresh items with steam in 10 minutes with Instant Refresh cycle.
GE 7.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity Front Load Electric Dryer with Steam
FEATURES Steam Refresh: Rejuvenate lightly worn clothes by getting rid of wrinkles and odors with this convenient setting using the power of steam Steam Dewrinkle: Stored or wrinkled clothes come out wrinkle-free with this helpful setting that uses steam to refresh and dry a load of any size HE...


For wrinkle-free towels that evoke hotel suite vibes, we recommend the following method for folding: 

  • First, lay the towel flat on a surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, starting with the long side of the towel, fold the length in thirds.
  • Grasp the short side and fold the towel in half. Repeat this step. 
  • You should be left with a neat square which will hang beautifully over a rod—showcasing its dobby design—or will look equally neat and tidy stacked on a shelf. 

If you prefer rolled towels, stored on a shelf or in a basket, we recommend the following method: 

  • Fold the towel in half so that it makes a square. 
  • Next, fold one of the corners into the center of the square. Repeat this step with the opposite corner.
  • Flip the towel so that the two folded corners are face down. 
  • Finish by tightly rolling from one end to the other.
Amba Wall Mounted Towel Warmer
Features:  Radiant collection  Built in - on/off switch on the bottom left of the unit  Heats fast - no liquid  Material: High-quality 304 stainless steel  Minimal power consumption- equivalent to a couple of light bulbs  Number of bars: 10  Manufacturer provides...
Parachute Starter Bathroom Bundle
The easiest way to upgrade your bathroom, this bundle includes our most popular bath items in one simple set.
The Citizenry Solor Palm Baskets
Meticulously handwoven with over 500 strips of locally-sourced palmyra leaves, these baskets feature an intricate hexagon pattern.


When organizing your linen closet, less is more. Overloaded shelves can cause wrinkling, unpleasant odors or even mildew. To keep this space smelling fresh, we like to tuck a bag of lavender within the folds of our towels.

Another pro tip: Avoid overusing one set of towels by storing the freshly laundered ones at the bottom of the stack in your linen closet. This way, everything in the closet gets regular use.

Dot and Army Organic Lavender Linen Sachets (Set of 2)
These just make scents.  Home feels a little fancier when it's scented of lavender. This set of two 100% linen sachets will last for up to two years. Each sachet has a a loop of twill tape so you can easily hang it on a door knob or a drawer pull.
Blu Dot Lap Tall Dresser
The Blu Dot Lap Tall Dresser offers slatted style and storage of monolithic proportions. In addition to giving the dresser its unique architectural aspect, the overlapping maple slats across the front of this large dresser effectively camouflage the drawers and act as drawer pulls.
Muuto Restore Basket, Large
Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen, winner of the prestigious Bruno Mathsson Award of 2012, named his simple basket “Restore” because it’s constructed of polymer felt made from recycled PET bottles.


Between uses, hang your towel to dry. Never pile damp towels on the floor or into a hamper, as this will enable growth of mildew and mold. Instead, drape the towel over a towel bar, which allows it to hang flat and air dry most quickly. When a towel is hung on a hook, moisture gets trapped between the folds. Trapped moisture = mildew and bacteria. We’re guessing you don’t want those in your bathroom.

Blomus Menoto Towel Rack
A touch of European elegance, designed to pamper you and your towels. Created by Floz Design, the Blomus MENOTO Towel Stand features two sleek stainless steel towel holders attached to an artificial stone base.
Menu Towel Ladder
Light, uniform lines and rounded bases create a bathroom series characterized by understated elegance. This is all that is needed to create a pleasingly clean focal point in your bathroom. With functional details all around, the new Bath series from Menu is both hygienic and user-friendly.
Kartell Rail Towel Rail
The Kartell Rail Towel Rail is able to accommodate any contemporary bathroom with its simple form and array of transparent colors and sizes. Made out of lightweight yet solid PMMA plastic, Rail mounts easily to the wall to hold and complement your best hand or bath towels.


Your towels are work horses; subject to daily use and frequent washing, it’s inevitable that they will eventually start looking tired. Plan accordingly: Replace your bath linens about every two years. We suggest donating your old Towels to your local animal shelter or re-purposing them as cleaning rags. Good for you, good for the environment.

Parachute Waffle Bath Towels
These lightweight, minimalist towels textured with a honeycomb weave will make your bathroom look and feel like a fancy spa.
Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels
Our bestselling towel weave, Super-Plush is ridiculously soft and luxurious, perfect for turning your bathroom into your dream spa. These towels have a substantial 820 GSM and durable z-twist construction.
Coyuchi Cloud Loom Organic Towels
A lofty towel with a soft, fluffy pile that feels plush yet lightweight and its long loops absorb water beautifully.

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